20 Thanksgiving Prayer For Family & Friends For Protection

20 Thanksgiving Prayer For Family & Friends For Protection-Thanksgiving is more of a time for introspection than for celebration, even while the November holiday is a wonderful reason to gather with loved ones for a delectable Thanksgiving dinner and maybe even a football game. It is a day to be grateful for everything in one’s life, including abundant food, loving family, wonderful friends, and all the other commonplace things that make life so wonderful.

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With these prayers of Thanksgiving for giving thanks to God, celebrate Thanksgiving’s genuine meaning. Thanksgiving is a day to offer thanks for everything that makes the day great, including family, friends, and delicious food.

Gathering around the dinner table to say a prayer of gratitude is a potent way to remember the previous year’s blessings and pray for God’s blessings in the upcoming one. These prayers inspire appreciation, whether you read them aloud as a mealtime blessing or begin your day with a little Thanksgiving prayer meditation.

God set benchmarks when he instituted the feasts in the Old Testament to continually remind his people of who he was and how he had saved them. There are still numerous occasions on our calendars where we might take a moment to calm down and remember God, even if many Christians no longer observe the feasts.

Additionally, we may share these prayers of praise and thankfulness with family and friends even when there isn’t much to be grateful for.

20 Thanksgiving Prayer For Family-For An Appreciative Heart

We give you gratitude and praise, O Lord, for everything you have done for us. We grant you thanks for the miracle of life, the beauty of our planet, the majesty of the entire creation, and the enigma of love. We are grateful for the support of our loved ones and friends and the tender care that envelops us from all directions. We are grateful that you have given us assignments that need all our might and guided us toward successes that make us happy and content. We thank you for all your frustrations and mistakes, which helped us realize how dependent we are on you. Above all, we give you thanks for your Son, Jesus Christ; for the veracity of his teachings and the model of his life; for his unwavering obedience, which enabled him to resist temptation; for his death, which allowed him to overcome death; and for his resurrection, which will enable us to enter into your kingdom. Express us the gift of your Spirit so that we might come to know Christ and share him with others and so that we can always and everywhere express thanks to you for everything through him. Thank you.


My tongue is full of glory and gratitude.

Will rejoice in your name,

Who has mended, purified, and healed?

From illness, demise, and suffering.

I sobbed; you appeared to halt for a moment.

I looked more assiduously.

And you eventually helped me

and provided me with support from above.

Lord, while I still have this little life,

Please allow me to tell you of your goodness.

and the fresh knowledge I’ve acquired,

My fears about the future repulse me.

A life of modesty and loyalty, O God,

Permit me to walk forever;

Allow my compliance to serve as evidence.

My commendation is not verbal.

Please accept my meek offering, O Lord.

I am unable to provide more;

I will return what you gift.

I live because of your alms.


Through your only born Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, we thank you, O Lord Almighty, Creator of the entire world and its preserver, for the firstfruits that are presented to you—not in the way that we should, but in the way that we are able. Who is worthy enough to thank you for what you have given them to consume? The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the saints commanded the earth to bear fruit for our feast and celebration—some for our needs, others for our enjoyment—and who created all things productive by your Word. For all these reasons, therefore, you deserve high praise songs for the favor you have shown Christ, via whom you are eternally blessed and honored in the Holy Spirit. Thank you.


Father God, I thank You for everything I have in my life today. I’m grateful for the individuals in my life. I’m grateful for the chances You’ve given me in this life. I’m thankful for Your acceptance of me and forgiveness despite my bad decisions and deeds. I’m grateful for the mental and physical healing You’ve brought into my life. I give You thanks for saving me from the darkness that is within me and for rescuing me from the decisions I made that either put me in danger or put me there. I give You thanks for fulfilling my heart’s wishes with wonderful things. And the cravings that I haven’t yet witnessed being satiated. Please grant me the confidence to know that even my unfulfilled aspirations are something I am thankful for because of the grace You have shown me in so many other ways. Amen.


We are peculiar paradoxes of loyalty and unfaithfulness.

In every manner that we can, we are devoted to you.

We want to live our lives for you, rely on you,

and discover that we are among your people.

They are always looking for different places.

We are, therefore, grateful that you are God.

Who longs and awaits us,

and that you are the one who always maintains our connection to you,

and that your kindness is the reason for it.

that neither death nor life, neither principalities nor angels,

neither depths nor heights

Not even the creation itself can keep us apart from you.

We are appreciative of your loyalty.

Far more resilient than ours. Thank you.



I humbly offer my morning sacrifice of praise and Thanksgiving to your divine Majesty, O God, the great Creator and Sovereign Lord of heaven and earth, Father of angels and men, Giver of life and Protector of all your creatures. Please accept it with all my heart. You are praised, O Lord, by all your works and magnified by everything you have created. The sun rejoices to run his course that he may set forth your praise which made him. Nor do the moon and stars refrain from manifesting your glory, even amidst the silent night. The earth breathes forth perfumes daily, as incense to you, her sacred King, who has crowned her with herbs and trees and beautified her with hills and dales. The deep utter his voice and lifts his hands high to you, the great Creator, the universal King, the everlasting God. The floods clap their hands, and the hills are joyful together before you; the fruitful vales rejoice and sing your praise. You feed the innumerable multitude of animals which you have created: “These all wait upon you, and you give them their meat in due season.” You made light for our comfort and brought forth darkness out of your treasures to overshadow the earth, that the living creatures of it might take their rest. “The fire and hail, snow and vapor, wind and storm, fulfill your Word,” manifest your glory. Inanimate things declare you, O Lord of life, and irrational animals demonstrate their wise Creator.


Amidst this universal jubilee of nature, do not allow, I ask you, the sons of men, to be silent, but let the noblest work of your creation pay you the noblest sacrifice of praise. Pour your grace into my heart to magnify your great and glorious name. You have made and sent me into the world to do your work. Please assist me in fulfilling the end of my creation and show forth your praise diligently by giving myself up to your service. “Prosper the work of my hands upon me,” O Lord; prosper whatever I shall undertake this day, that it may tend to your glory, the good of my neighbor, and the salvation of my soul.


We give you thanks for all things, O Lord Almighty, that you have not taken away your mercies and compassions from us, but in every succeeding generation, you save, deliver, assist, and protect. What life is sufficient, and what ages will be long enough for us to be thankful? To do it worthwhile is impossible, but to do it according to our ability is just and right. Glory and worship be to you, through Jesus Christ, now and ever, and all ages. Amen.


O Heavenly Father: we praise Thee for sustenance and remember the hungry. We praise Thee for health and remember the ill. We praise Thee for friends and remember the friendless. We praise Thee for freedom and remember the enslaved people. May these remembrances motivate us to serve so that Thy gifts may be used for others.


Thanksgiving Day, Heavenly Father, we thank You and offer prayers. We thank You for everything You have done, especially for sending Your Son, Jesus, as a gift. Thank you, God, for your incredible strength and work. We are grateful for your kindness and the favours you have shown us. I appreciate all of your kindness and affection. We are thankful for all you gave up so we could live free lives. Please pardon us if we don’t express our gratitude sufficiently for everything you’ve done, who you are, and what you’ve contributed. Please assist us in focusing our thoughts and emotions once more on you. Renew our souls and give us your pleasure and serenity. Every day, not just today, is a day that we need and adore you. We are grateful and honour you since you are the only one deserving! The name of Jesus is Amen.


God, we are grateful for the joy and blessing of family. We are thankful for everyone present, including those unable to join us today. We all recognize how you support, console, and shield us. Bless this food and provide us strength and health.


We humbly thank You, Lord God, for everything that You have provided us this past year, not just for the food on the table but also for the people seated around it. I am grateful for relationships, memories, health and happiness, life and laughter. We are also thankful to You for the lessons we have learned and the tears we have shed because You have utilized them to help us develop. In light of good and terrible days, I am grateful for Your presence and consolation. We are thankful for what You have given us today, what You gave us yesterday, and what You will provide us tomorrow. Let us never take that for granted and instead be eternally appreciative of all the wonderful gifts You have provided us. May we live grateful hearts every day, not only today. In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen, we pray these things.


Please teach me to give you gratitude and praise in all I encounter daily. Teach me to be happy all the time, to pray all the time, and to be grateful for everything in my life. As Your will for my life, I embrace them (1 Thessalonians 5:16–18). It is my everyday goal to make You happy. Shatter the enemy’s power in my life. Conquer Him with my offering of Thanksgiving.


I will praise the name of the LORD Most High and offer thanks to the LORD for His goodness. How glorious is your name throughout the earth, O LORD, our Lord! The skies cannot contain your grandeur (Psalm 7:17–18:1). As said by Jesus, amen.


We are incredibly thankful for every heartbeat, eye blink, and breath that comes into our lungs, God. We are grateful that You have given us life. Please help us manage our time well so we don’t squander every minute. The name of Jesus is Amen.


Let us thank Providence for all our benefits, express humility in the face of inherited principles, and commit to spreading these blessings and ideas to everyone.  Let us assemble on [this] day in houses blessed by familial love and in places of worship to thank God for His wonderful gifts. We should also pray humbly and deeply that He will continue to lead and support us as we work toward the great unfinished tasks of bringing about justice, peace, and understanding among all peoples and nations and the abolition of pain and suffering wherever it occurs.


Lord, please assist me when I begin to allow holiday-related minutiae, irksome annoyances, or unfulfilled expectations to take my attention away from all the reasons I have to be incredibly and permanently thankful to You. Please have my heart overflow with gratitude every day, especially on the day set aside to express my gratitude to You. The name of Jesus is Amen. – Miles Tracie


Dear Heavenly Father, when someone forgets to thank us, it’s simple to blame them. But You also demonstrate to us the possibility that we are failing to express our gratitude to You and other people for the gifts in our own lives. Please enable us to walk in the footsteps of the one leper who did not forget to return and give thanks to Jesus. We wish to become more appreciative of our outlook. We ask in the name of Jesus, Amen!


Thank You, Holy Spirit, for guiding and teaching me as I navigate this life’s classroom. God, I am so grateful for Your unwavering love and flawless calm. I reflect on the amazing things You have accomplished in the world and my life. I thank You for being dependable. The name of Jesus is Amen.


Heavenly Father, I am so grateful for all of Your gifts that I am overcome with gratitude as I reflect on all You have done for me this Thanksgiving season. Above all, I am grateful that You sent Your only Son to die in my place, that You raised Him from the grave, and that He is now sitting at Your right hand in heaven. I am grateful for Your gift of Your Holy Spirit, which allows me to sense Your presence.


There are moments when I feel so low that it’s difficult to discover the good in life. Let me see the blessings you have bestowed upon me throughout my life. Thank you for loving me enough to go to this planet and pass away so we might be together forever.