200 Prayer Points For 2024 With Scriptures


Prayer Points For 2024 With Scriptures-We can communicate with our heavenly Father through prayer. Christians must pray daily to deepen their relationship with God. According to the Bible, God will grant our requests if we know they are for our welfare and ask by his will.

The Bible is the best source of inspiration when it comes to making requests to our Heavenly Father, so consult it if you’re unsure of what to pray for. The Bible is almost entirely composed of appeals and requests, and every page explains why we still need a Savior.

We have compiled a list of Bible texts paired with prayer points for various life circumstances, problem-solving techniques, and spiritual development.

200 Bible Verses-Based Prayer Points for 2024

Please read the scripture related to these prayer points and keep praying until you sense a shift or receive the answer you seek.

Prayer Point for Breakthrough with Bible References

In the name of Jesus, I will receive boundless favour today, and my joy will expand. Thank you. (Isa. 61:10)

 Since I am in Christ and can accomplish everything through him, nothing will be difficult for me (see Philippians 4:13)

 In the name of Jesus, O Lord, grant me boundless favour and success this month.

 (KJV) Psalms 5:8

 Lift me to a higher plane, Lord (Habakkuk 3:19 (KJV))

 You have everything I need (2 Corinthians 9:8 (KJV)).

 In the name of Jesus, I destroy every obstacle in my way. (KJV) Psalms 59:1

 In the name of Jesus, those who turned away from me will soon open doors for me. (KJV) Revelation 3:8

 In the name of Jesus, everything is mine (1 Corinthian 3:21). I am quite fortunate.

 In the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit leads me to the amazing things you have in store for me. (Source: John 16:13.)

 I will succeed rather than fail because Christ lives abundantly within me. Glance over Galatians 2:20.

 To exalt your name, God, arise and bless all I have created (Read Deuteronomy 28:12).

 Lord, please assist me in studying the Bible daily so that I may thrive in everything. (Read – Psalm 1:2-3)

 In the name of Jesus, please bless me so that I might bless my surroundings. (KJV) Psalms 103:1

 May the Lord grant me the ability to bless the underprivileged, orphans, and windows in Jesus’ name. (Read James 1:27)

 In Jesus’s name, please open my eyes to see all the unrealized potential you have bestowed upon me. (KJV) Psalms 51:15

 A Little Prayer for Your Partnership

Oh God,

 I humbly surrender my relationship to Your divine will. Instruct me to love my partner as You love us and to be selfless. May Your tender direction and favor accompany us as we develop together. Thank you, Jesus. Amen. 4:8 Peter

 Above all, show each other great love, for love is a powerful atonement for many transgressions.

 I stand before You in the immensity of Your creation, humbled by the magnificence and beauty all around me. The sound of the birds, the vivid flowers, and the gorgeous skies are all examples of Your immense love.

 Father, please guide me in my relationship with my boyfriend by sending Your wisdom and grace. As You are patient with us, let’s be patient with one another as well. Also, let’s help one another to forgive one another for our mistakes, just as You do.

 In order for our aspirations to line up with Yours, let us reflect in silence on Your divine plan. Kindle our love’s flame so that it would shine brilliantly in the shadows and never stop pursuing You.

 God of mercy, thank You for all the benefits You have given to our relationship. May we nurture the gift of love You have given us with care and thanks, and may we honor and treasure it.

 Bring us nearer to You, Lord, as we walk hand in hand. As we journey through life’s highs and lows, strengthen our relationship and enable us to develop as a team, firmly anchored in Your love and wisdom.

 My connection, heart, and soul are entrusted to You, Saintly Lord. May we constantly look for Your face, taking comfort in Your tender embrace and turning into a shining example for others.

 In the name of Jesus, please help me remember to be grateful for all the favors and benefits you have bestowed upon me.

 Psalms 1:3 (KJV) states that whatever I touch will prosper.

 In the name of Jesus, adorn me with the garment of favor so I can advance your Kingdom wherever I go. (KJV) Isaiah 50:9

 Father, give me the strength to follow your Word for my life to succeed (see Joshua 1:8)

In the name of Jesus, may every uncertainty that has become a stronghold in my life be destroyed.

Please take me to the next level, Lord.

In the name of Jesus, I renounce every timid attitude and declare a courageous mind.

In the name of Jesus, may any relationships that would undermine my destiny be severed.

Lord, please grant me an excellent spirit to fulfil my calling and exalt your name. (Read Daniel 6:3)

In the name of Jesus, my necessities are met (Philippians 1:7 (KJV))

Father in heaven, I completely entrust my plans to you, and I have faith that you will assist me in realizing them. Proverbs 16:3 (Red)

In the name of “Jesus,” Lord, fill my mind, body, and soul with your unfathomable serenity. (Reference 4:7)

God almighty, let success appear in every area of my life so that your name can be celebrated

Lord God, I trust you will show me favour wherever I go and wherever I turn in the name of Jesus.

 (Psalms 73:28 (KJV)

In the name of “Jesus,” I am confident and expectant that I will triumph in the end (Jeremiah 29:11).

My God is more powerful than anything I could ever ask for or imagine. (Read 3:20 in Ephesians)  

In the name of Jesus, Holy Spirit, lead me into the marvellous things you have in store. (Source: John 16:13.)

I will succeed rather than fail Because Christ is abundantly present in me. Glance over Galatians 2:20.

 Thank You, Father, for first giving to me in that You sent Your son, Jesus, to die to atone for my sins while I was still a sinner.

I am grateful to You, Father, for everything I possess has been bestowed upon me from above.

Father, please be merciful and forgive me if I have fallen short of your glory. In the name of Jesus, may Your mercy triumph over the judgment of sin in my life.

In the name of Jesus, Father, may Your fire devour every spirit of stinginess in my life.

In the name of Jesus, Father, please make me an obsessive and compulsive giver to Your cause.

Father, grant me the ability to freely and abundantly contribute to You in the name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, Father, let nothing be too great or too valuable for me to give up for Your use.

In the name of Jesus, Father, I ask that people give me good measures, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

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In the name of Jesus, Father, grant your son, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, eternal blessings in his ministry, house, and family (both biological and spiritual).

In the name of Jesus, Father, abundantly bless Your son who has been preparing these prayer points and everyone who has been rebroadcasting them.

In the name of Jesus, Father, remove any barriers, difficulties, and impediments to Your children’s timely and regular understanding of these prayer points.

Your individual requests. (See Philippians 4:6)

I ask in Jesus’ name. (John 15:16; 14:13–14)

Praise you, Father, for hearing our prayers. A verse from 1 Thessalonians.

Intercessory Prayers

In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, please give me the wisdom to discern Your direction in every offer of assistance that comes my way.

In the powerful name of Jesus, Lord, please keep me safe from the traps of dishonest intents and let Your truth be a lamp unto my path.

In the name of Jesus, Father, when I’m unsure of what to do, let Your Spirit lead the way and keep me from being drawn into undesirable circumstances.

Almighty Lord, In the name of Jesus, I give all that I am working on to Your heavenly approval. May You have the last say over my life and home.

In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, please surround me in times of need with Your mercy to spare me embarrassment and disappointment.

Father, in the powerful name of Jesus, please allow me to ask for Your advice before starting any endeavour.

In the name of Jesus, Lord Almighty, please open my eyes to see your true assistance and keep me safe from others who would deceive me.

In the name of Jesus, Father, may I trust You and experience miraculous healings and abundant provision in my life and home in 2024.

In the powerful name of Jesus, please, Ezoic Father, deliver me and my household from ALL evil today.

In the name of Jesus, Father, please come to my circumstance (identify your struggles) and make a way where there doesn’t appear to be one. (Isaiah 43:19)

In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, please elevate my nation (name your nation) and provide Your peace to rule throughout our territories.

Bless all those who set aside time to pray through these requests, Father, when they are in need. In the name of Jesus, grant them permission to share or rebroadcast.

Father in heaven, bless my handiwork and open doors of opportunity. May Your blessings be upon all that I do.

God, bolster the ties that bind my family together. May love, understanding, and togetherness flourish between us.

Lord, please assist me to walk holily and withstand temptation. Give me the courage to live up to Your expectations every day.

Father, I offer prayers for my country and neighborhood. Bring peace, harmony, and healing to everyone living here.

God, please increase our closeness. May I become more intimate with You and deeply feel Your presence?

Lord, I am grateful for Your unwavering support and commitment. May I always look for Your face in whatever I do?

As you pray at midnight, tell God honestly about your day and share your pleasures, worries, and thoughts with Him. Give Him your plans, anxieties, and problems; put your faith in His wisdom and supply.

As you sleep, seek His serenity to fill your house and surroundings and ask Him to watch over you and your loved ones

Ask God for the knowledge and fortitude to help you overcome any obstacles or spiritual struggles you may be going through.

Ask God to heal and restore whatever parts of your life require His touch, be it bodily health, spiritual rejuvenation, or emotional healing

Seek His guidance and purposes for your life, wanting to line your steps with His will, and pray for the fortitude to live in holiness and avoid temptation.

Thank God for being in your life and His faithfulness and grace, which keep you going daily.

I trust this prayer time will deepen your relationship with God and provide peace, direction, and confidence as you rely on His love and support.

“Holy Father, I approach You to ask for Your heavenly assistance in my life. All grace and goodness come from you. I pray that Your blessings cover all aspects of my life, including relationships, pursuits, profession, and goals.

Lord, please help me as I face life’s obstacles. May Your favour bring breakthroughs in seemingly impossible situations and open doors of opportunity.

Please show me the route ahead and provide a path where everything appears.

I ask for divine relationships and connections that serve Your will. May You, in Your kindness, give me discernment and wisdom in all I decide to accomplish.

Father, please put Your favour around me like a shield, keeping me safe and guiding me through the unknown. I pray You to be with me while I seek Your face so I may have faith and assurance in Your purposes for my life.

Lord, I am grateful for Your unwavering love and grace. I believe in Your compassion and know I shall be blessed with Your kindness forever. I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

200 Prayer Points For 2024 With Scriptures

Family Prayer Points

Thank You, Lord, for giving us family. I ask for Your grace and blessings on each member’s life in my prayer, addressing them individually.

Father, I ask for harmony in our household. Please make it possible for us to love, understand, and support one another in every situation.

Lord, keep my family members safe on all levels—spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Encircle us with Your protective hedge.

God, please give our family’s leaders discernment and direction. Assist them in taking loving, honest leadership.

Father, I ask that any wounds or miscommunications among family members be healed. Where necessary, bring about repair and reconciliation.

I’m grateful that you provided me with a wonderful year.

God bless our family with prosperity. Meet our needs and assist us in taking good care of what You have given us.

Father in heaven, I bless our kids. Give them discernment, shield them from harm, and lead them along the straight and narrow.

God, please assist us in making family time a priority amid our hectic schedules. Bolster our relationships and make enduring memories.

Lord, I ask that you watch over and bless every one of our family members. Keep us well and shield us from disease.

I pray for any strained relations among our extended family, Father. Promote harmony and healing among family members.

Lord, please come to feel Your presence in our house. May Your pleasure fill our hearts, and Your serenity rule.

God, I pray for discernment and mercy as our family makes critical decisions. Lead us in harmony and clarity.

Father, please assist us in showing mercy and forgiveness to one another when there is disagreement or miscommunication.

Lord, please lead our family to spiritual maturity. Assist us to strengthen our faith and become closer to You.

Heavenly Father, I entrust the destiny of our family to You. May Your purposes and plans come to pass in our life.

God, please grant us blessings for our festivals and family get-togethers. Let them be happy and loving moments.

Lord, give each member of the family fortitude and fortitude throughout difficult times.

Father, I ask that You instill in our family a sense of thankfulness and satisfaction as we recognize Your benefits in our lives.

Please help us speak to one another with compassion and love. Orient our words and deeds toward one another.

Lord, please watch over the mental wellness of our family. Protect our minds against worrying or pessimistic ideas.

Heavenly Father, I pray You fulfill each family member’s ambitions and desires by providing opportunity.

God, give us the selflessness to assist one another and the readiness to prioritize the needs of one another over our own.

Lord, I ask that you watch over and protect my family members who live far away. Retain them in your custody.

Father, I pray for the wisdom to identify and withstand harmful influences that can jeopardize our family’s welfare.

God, I ask that we all grow closer to You and resolve to put You first in everything we do as a family.

I exalt any prodigal family member, Lord. Lead them back to You so that their trust might be renewed.

Father, please assist us in embracing our differences and recognizing the individuality of every family member.

God, please provide us with discernment in how we raise our kids. Please assist us in being purposeful and caring parents.

Lord, please hear my prayer for any family member going through a trying time. Offer solace and fortitude.

Heavenly Father, I ask for tolerance and understanding between relatives, particularly in conflict.

God, I bless our relatives and extended family. May You shower them with blessings and tranquility.

Lord, please help us lay spiritual roots that will last many generations.

Father, please help me to find a solution for our family’s financial problems and worries.

God, give us the strength to ask for pardon and show mercy when we don’t perform well in our relationships.

Lord, please grant our family a spirit of giving. As you have blessed us, help us to bless others.

Heavenly Father, I ask that you keep our family safe from outside threats or hazards.

God, I uphold the goals and aspirations of our family. I pray they align with Your plan and will for each of us.

Please give our family the grit and tenacity to endure difficult circumstances.

Father, please assist us in creating a happy, compassionate, and unconditionally loving home. 

God, I entrust the future of our family to You. May it bring You honour and have a good influence on others.

Final Words

Through these spiritually nourishing supplications, ask the Lord to bind you closely and help you discover a deeper connection with your partner as they lead you toward a love that goes beyond

Accept the amazing power of prayer, and watch as your connection with your lover improves by offering up a prayer.