40 Prayer Points For Family Protection & Guidance

40 Prayer Points For Family Protection & Guidance-A family is a group linked by blood, marriage or adoption. It is the smallest unit of society. It is the backbone of any society and a vital aspect of the Christian religion. God is very much concerned about the breakthrough of the family. He wants families of the world to flourish and live in health. In truth, the family is one of God’s earliest creations.

In the beginning, God had a magnificent plan for the first family before Satan came up with his plan to contradict God’s. Ever since then, God has been engaged in the salvation of families. Breakthrough comes as one of the redemption packages for families. It is a breakthrough that makes a family draw favor anywhere any family member finds themselves.

By raising these prayers, we welcome God’s supernatural intervention into our family’s life, strengthening our relationships and cementing our spiritual bonds. In this article, we dig into powerful  40 prayer points for family.

40 Prayer Points For Family

We beg for Your divine protection over our family. Surround us with Your angels and keep us safe from danger.


Heavenly Father, we ask that You establish a security hedge around our house, sheltering us from evil and danger.


Dear Lord, we surrender our children to Your care. Watch over them, keep them safe, and let Your angels lead them in all their undertakings.


Almighty God, we beg that You strengthen our marriage and join us in love. Protect our connection against trouble, disagreement, and temptation.


Father, we beg for Your protection as we journey. Keep us safe on the roads, in the air, and wherever our trips lead us.


Lord, we pray for the health and well-being of our family. Shield us from sickness and disease and help us live robust and vigorous lives.


Dear God, we beg that You preserve our funds and supply our every need. Help us be prudent stewards of our resources and rely on Your supply.


Heavenly Father, we ask that You safeguard our family from negative influences, unhealthy relationships, and poisonous situations. Help us to be discriminating and always select the route that leads to Your light.


Lord, in times of difficulty and adversity, enables our family to remain strong, relying on Your guidance and provision. May we find the strength to tackle any hardship that comes our way.


Almighty God, we beg for peace in our hearts and households. May our family be a shelter of love, understanding, and harmony, reflecting Your divine presence in our lives.


Heavenly Father, we beg for Your direction and wisdom in our children’s lives. Help them make sensible judgments and lead them on the correct road, connecting their choices with Your perfect purpose.


We ask for Your divine protection over our children. Shield them from physical, mental, and spiritual harm, and surround them with Your loving presence.


Dear God, we beg that You help our children grow trust in You. Nurture their spiritual growth, and let them become enthusiastic disciples of Christ.


Almighty Father, we pray for our children’s health and well-being. Keep them robust, lively, and free from disease or injury.


Lord, we beg for Your blessings upon our children’s schooling and future employment. Grant them success in their undertakings, and enable them to use their gifts and abilities for Your glory.


Heavenly Father, we pray that our children have healthy, supportive connections and friendships. Surround them with positive influences and kind persons who will stimulate their growth and development.

Prayer Points For Your Children

Dear Lord, we beg that You help our children grow emotionally resilient. Strengthen them to confront obstacles and failures with bravery, grace, and endurance.


Almighty God, we pray that our children grow strong moral character anchored in Your Word. Help them become kind, sensitive, and responsible persons who reflect Your love in their deeds.


Father, we beg that You give our children the strength to reject bad influences and temptations. Help them to be steady in their faith and to make decisions that glorify You.


The entire planet is yours, O God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I pray that my family and I will experience the richness of the world. I certify that we have more than enough money to meet our demands. We have enough food and resources to help those in need. In the name of Jesus, we have plenty of money, and the Lord is our shepherd.


Lord, your Word says nothing bad will happen to me, and no epidemic will approach my home. Lord, I make this pledge for my family and myself. I now announce that my family is covered and protected from all evil, attacks, plagues, and pestilence, joining my words with your Word in confidence. In the name of Jesus Christ, I place the bomb bunker of the blood of Christ over my whole family.


Lord, I ask for long life, health, and strength for my parents (dad and mom). I also vow that their strength will grow with each passing day. I grant them prosperity and good health. In the name of Jesus Christ, I obtain wisdom and insight for them to constantly make the proper decisions that will propel the family to higher heights and levels of riches, power, and effect. In the name of Jesus, they shall live to see the children of their children.


In the name of Jesus, I pray and announce, oh Lord, that every member of my family is blossoming this season. I proclaim fresh heights, new ground, and fruitfulness. I criticize inaction, tardiness, and shortcomings. In the name of Jesus, I grant them relationships, wisdom, insight, favour, and a supernatural connection that leads to breakthroughs.


Lord, please help my family stay together. In the name of Jesus, I bind the wicked Spirit of divisiveness and throw it out of my family. I come against every demon splitting us and making us fight one another. In the name of Jesus Christ, I demand quiet and rest for my family and Peace, righteousness, unity, and calm.


Please heal us as you have promised, Lord. In the name of Jesus, restore honour, strength, and purpose to my family. Assist us in going back and making the necessary corrections at this moment. Lord, pity us and restore the possibilities and environments of plenty, thriving, growth, and success that we knew in the past. In the name of Jesus, pour forth your Spirit upon us once more.


In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare that all will work out for the best for them in life. I declare them to be for miracles and signs in this life. Nothing bad will come their way. They will be powerful on earth because they are the offspring of the virtuous. I wish them good health, wealth, and a long life. In the name of Jesus, none of them will pass away young or prematurely.


In the name of Jesus, Lord, I pray for the salvation of every unbeliever in my family. I beg you to give them someone who will listen to them and help them discover the truth in Christ Jesus. In the name of Jesus, I chastise every blinding demon, preventing them from perceiving the gospel’s light.


Lord, I pray for every family member to grow spiritually and learn more about you. I ask for deeper insight into the Word for them. I ask for understanding, discernment, and precise word knowledge for them. In the name of Jesus, I pray that they will walk in all of God’s fullness and continually be filled with the Spirit’s gifts, power, and glory. In the name of Jesus, I pray for increased grace and multiplied Peace for everyone.

Prayer points about finances for the family

O Lord, Thank You for providing for all of my family’s necessities. In the name of Jesus, we know no lack!


I wish my family financial prosperity in every way! Our companies will prosper!


Lord, there won’t be any food shortages during the day! In the name of Jesus, no one in my family will go without!


I chastise the one who devours my family members’ lives! Everything we have sown, we will harvest!


My family will always have innovative ideas for generating riches! We are going to be a wealth of financial knowledge!


I chastise my family’s debtor spirits! In the name of Jesus, we will only lend to nations—not take!


Father, guard our money from nefarious individuals who may be hiding about!

Prayer Points For Parents

Father, We commit our dads and moms into Your care! Aid them in enduring the day of tribulations!


Provide sensible home management advice to all of the parents in my family! In the name of Jesus, provide them whatever they require to raise their children in Your way!


Father, help my family’s parents to rely on you and persevere through life’s obstacles!


Lord, please grant my parents perfect health so they can enjoy a long life and the fruits of their labor!


Holy Spirit, if you know where my parents are having trouble, please give them comfort!


In the name of Jesus, thank You, Lord, for my parents and all that You are able to accomplish through them!


Thank you, Lord, for my family! I appreciate everything you have done for each and every member of my family. Lord, I ask that you provide my family members all healing! In the name of Jesus, Lord, restore all that they have lost. Deliver them from illnesses and ailments and restore their health!