Religious Birthday Wishes for 12 Year-Old Daughter From Mother and Father

Birthday Prayer for a 12 Year Old Daughter – It’s your daughter’s 12th year birthday and I can understand why you are so encompassed in joy and happiness. At this moment, you just can’t believe it’s 12 years already since she was born as it seems like yesterday when she celebrated her first birthday.

Well, she is not only plus 1 today, but she would also be celebrating her 12th birthday today in the name of the Lord who has kept her safe until this moment and given her a happy and lovely life so far.

As the parent of the lovely girl who would be 12 today, you should play your role by using powerful godly words to bless your daughter on her new age (12th birthday). If coming up with these words might seem a bit tacky considering what this wonderful day holds, don’t worry we have taken that upon ourselves.

For you and your little princess, we have come up with this collection of 12th birthday wishes for daughter from mom and dad, that you can choose from and use to bless your daughter on her birthday.

Don’t forget to include a 12-year-old birthday gift for girl to go with it!

Birthday Prayer for a 12 Year Old Daughter

Birthday Prayer for a 12 Year Old Daughter
Birthday Prayer for a 12 Year Old Daughter

Happy 12th birthday to my beautiful daughter! As you grow, may you always be confident in who you are and feel secure in your own skin. Wishing you a life full of self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth. Enjoy this special day!

Happy Birthday to my little one! May you grow up to be a woman of great value, full of love, bravery, and kindness. May you have a life filled with happiness, and adventure. Wishing you a lovely day my cute daughter!

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter! Wishing you a lifetime of good health and well-being, and may your 12th year be filled with love. I hope you enjoy this special day and all the amazing things that come with growing up.

Cheers to your new age my baby girl, I really wish for you to always find the strength and bravery to reach for your dreams, and may you always be surrounded with love, light, and positivity. Love you always!

Happy birthday, my darling daughter! On this special day, I pray that God will bless you with the bravery to make wise decisions to guide you in making the right choices and lead a life of good character. AMEN!

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Almighty Father, I bless you for the life of my daughter as she clocks 12 today. I pray you to open her heart and mind to the opportunities and possibilities that await her, and please guide her in making the right choices. AMEN!

Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter! On this special day, I pray that God will bless you with His infinite wisdom and guide you in your decision-making, and hope you always have a cheerful heart.

12th Birthday wishes to you my dear daughter, I pray that your new age brings you the grace to develop a strong moral character. May you always be guided by your conscience and your heart, and may you make decisions that will bring the highest good to all.

Happy Birthday my little one! I want to wish you a life full of happiness, love, and righteousness. As you turn 12 years old today, may you grow with a strong sense of integrity and justice. Here’s to you and your bright future Enjoy your special day!

Dear Lord, I pray for my daughter today that she will continue to grow in maturity and grace, and may her faith in You remain strong throughout her life. I wish you a wonderful birthday and a future filled with blessings.

12 Year Old Daughter Birthday Blessings

Happy 12th birthday to my daughter! May the Lord always protect you and keep you safe from any harm or danger. I pray that you shall never get into trouble at any time. AMEN!

Dear daughter, happy birthday! I wish for Your 12th year to help you establish and maintain healthy connections with those around you. May you always be aware of how much you are cherished. Best wishes for your fabulous day!

Heavenly Lord, It’s my daughter’s new age, and I beseech you to grant her the grace to always make wise decisions and have the courage to stand up for what is right. Wishing you a day filled with joy and laughter.

Wishing you a very happy 12th birthday, my sweet daughter! May you be blessed with protection from all harm and danger. May you be surrounded by love and light always.

Happy 12th birthday, Daughter! On this day, may you be surrounded by positive and supportive friends who will build and keep a strong bond for many years to come.

It’s your 12th birthday my daughter! May you have success in all of your future educational endeavors and May you always be filled with enthusiasm to learn and discover new things. AMEN!

Loving daughter, as you turn twelve today, I ask the lord that he will bestow on you the grace to never be afraid to ask questions and never be too shy to express yourself. May you always be curious and never give up on achieving your dreams.

Dear daughter on this day of your 12th birthday, I wish you success and fulfillment in all your future endeavors. May you always be provided with the courage and strength to face any challenge that comes your way. AMEN!

Darling daughter, as you enter your teenage years, I pray that you will grow closer to God and discover the unique meaning He has in your life. Enjoy your day baby girl. Love from mom and dad!

God in heaven, as my little girl turns 12 today I pray that she is blessed with the ability to forgive so that she can move forward in life and continue to grow and learn in the years to come. AMEN!

Prayer for My Daughter on Her 12th Birthday

My dear daughter, I pray that the Lord blesses you with grace and strength to stay true to Him and bless you with a deep and personal relationship with Him. Have a blessed new age!

KING of KINGS, I come to you this day on behalf of my daughter and ask that she will be surrounded by friends who will support and encourage her faith journey at all times. In Christ’s holy name. AMEN!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful 12-year-old daughter! You are growing up so fast and it’s a joy to watch you become the amazing young woman you are. May your life be an example of generosity to all you meet. May your life be a blessing to your world!

Best Birthday blessings to my 12-year-old princess! I ask the Lord to give you the passion to always stand up for what is right and just, no matter the circumstances. Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many more to come!

Hey little Queen, May your 12th year be a memorable one as you continue to make the world a better place. May you be a blessing to those around you and may you feel delighted in the knowledge that you are making a difference in the lives of others. AMEN!

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It’s your 12th birthday baby girl, And I pray that may it be a year where you learn to forgive and let go of grudges so that you can focus on being the best version of yourself and living life to the fullest. Much love from your parents!

Here comes your new age my cute daughter, and I ask that as you grow older, remember to always learn to forgive and forget. Life is too short to be held back by hurtful words or actions. Let go of the past and keep your heart open to new possibilities. Cheers to my little princess.

In your new age my daughter, here is a reminder that life may but I ask the lord that May you grow up with a heart of service to those around you and be blessed to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you. AMEN!

Happy 12th Birthday to my sweet daughter! I wish your 12th year be filled with a generous spirit. May your heart be open to giving and your life is filled with blessings. AMEN!

12th Birthday wishes to you dear, I pray that as you grow, may you be blessed with the gift of good time-management skills. May you be able to prioritize your tasks and find balance in your life?

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