20th to 25th Happy Birthday Prayer for My YOUNG ADULT Son

As a parent, words may not fully express how it feels to watch your beloved son celebrate his first birthday as a child (toddler), followed by his adolescent birthday, to his teenage birthday, and now seeing him mature enough to celebrate his birthday as a young adult.

It’s no doubt that every parent would relish the opportunity to celebrate their young adult son’s birthday, however as a Christian parent, amidst the celebrations, you should ensure to bless your son with prayers on his birthday.

Coming up with birthday prayers for your son as a parent is something that you should do with ease, however on an emotionally filled day such as this (your son’s birthday), We understand that this might be a daunting task.

Therefore for you, we have accepted the responsibility of coming up with a well-written collection of 20th to 25th birthday prayer for my son that you can use as a guide to pray for him.

To pray for him on such a day, you can lay your hands on his head or hold hands with him if he is present, But if he is far away you can send it to him as an SMS or send it in form of a birthday card for dear son!

For some of the most sincere birthday prayers for your young adult son, scroll down and select which one is ideal for you.

Birthday Prayer for My YOUNG ADULT Son
20th to 25th Happy Birthday Prayer for My YOUNG ADULT Son

Birthday Prayer for My Son at 20

Happy 20th birthday my boy! Today being your 20th year of being alive and in good health, I pray that as you embark on this new chapter of your life may it bring you many blessings, laughter, and peace. Have a great day!

Hey, son, it’s your 20th birthday celebration and I am so happy to see you become a young adult. I pray for you that the lord who has protected you up until this day will continue to guide you day and night until your old age. AMEN!

Happy 20th birthday my son! As your new age is being honored today, My prayer is that the lord will empower you and cause you to always find resilience, and bravery to take on the world and pursue your life with enthusiasm.

On this remarkable day of your 20th birthday celebration my dear son, My prayer for you is that the lord God of Israel will grant you whatever seems to be your heart desires today and forever. Have a blessed day darling son!

Happy birthday to my son at 20! Dear heavenly father, I come before you on this day of my precious son’s 20th birthday to ask that you will bless him with longevity so that he will live to reap the rewards of his efforts for many years to come. AMEN!

Happy birthday to my 20 year old son! Heavenly Father, I pray that May my son’s kind and gentle spirit always light the way for all that he will meet, and may his actions be guided by your righteousness and justice. love you son!

Happy 20th birthday, boy! In all that you do son, I ask that you always keep God at the center of your life, and never lose sight of His goodness and faithfulness. May your life be filled with a deep love for the things of God

Hey son, I pray for you that the Lord will bless you with wisdom so that you can make the right choices in life and remain focused on the things of God. May He bless you with unwavering faith and the courage to trust in His plans for your life.

21st Birthday Prayer for My Son

Happy birthday to my son at 21! On this special day of your birthday, I pray May you be blessed with good health and prosperity, so that you may live long enough to reap the rewards of your labor. Have a great celebration son!

Happy birthday to my 21 year old son! For you today, I decree and declare that your life will be full of success, adventure, and good fortune, and may you always strive to be a role model of goodness and benevolence.

Son, happy 21st birthday! May the Lord give you the bravery to take chances, pursue your goals, and never losing sight of the fact that He is your ultimate source of support and solace.

Happy 21st birthday my son! Dear son, as you grow up I pray that you will be a man of great reputation, value and integrity. May your life be filled with dignity in all that you do and that you’ll use your strength to make a positive impact in the world.

Son, Happy 21st birthday! Heavenly Father, I decree that on behalf of my dear son, may this be a year of achievement and growth. I pray he will be inspired to take on any challenge and stay passionate in his pursuit of success.

Happy 21st birthday my precious boy! In whatever situation you find yourself in, I pray that God’s grace will always be with you and cause you to always evolve as a person until you become the best version of yourself. AMEN!

Boy, Happy 21st birthday! On this special day my son, May you be blessed with an abundance of spiritual growth and maturity this year. May your spiritual journey be deeply enriching, and guided by the light of truth.

Here is to wishing you a Happy 21st birthday my KING! My prayer for you on this day is that this day will bring joy and peace of the heart enabling you to always love yourself deeply and treat yourself with kindness. Cheers son!

Prayer for My Son on His 22nd Birthday

Happy 22nd birthday my boy! My blessing for you in this new age is that God will always guide you as you embark on this next year of life, and may His plan for you be illuminated and revealed in all of your endeavors. We love ya son!

Happy 22 year old birthday my son! I pray for you that May you continue to grow in faith and relationship with the Lord, and may you be humble enough to follow His designated plan for your life. Have a blessed bday, my son!

Happy 22nd birthday my son! May you have the strength and courage to live out God’s plan for you, and May you always trust your intuition and never forget that you have the power to make your dreams a reality.

Birthday blessings to my 22 year old boy! As you celebrate the joy of this day, I decree that God will cause you never to settle for less than your dreams, may you be reminded daily that the sky is the limit and always strive for excellence in all that you do.

Happy birthday son, who is 22 today! For your sake, I raise my voice to the host of heavens and ask the lord’s grace to fill your heart with a passion for living a life of purpose. May God bless you with the wisdom to recognize and seize every opportunity that comes your way

Happy 22nd birthday son! My dear son, On this day I pray that the power to always stay true to yourself and that your calling will be instilled in you. May you never be afraid to pursue the passions and convictions that are important to you.

Son, Happy 22nd birthday! Heavenly Father, I pray that my son will experience the mythical power and wisdom of this new age. I pray it will be filled with a divine source of energy that guides his life and helps him uncover new paths, opportunities, and the power to manifest his wildest dreams.

Happy birthday son who is 22! I pray for you that your body will remain healthy and strong, that your spirit stay youthful and vibrant, and life be filled with joy and good health. Have a great day son, blessings from mom and dad!

Birthday Prayer to my 23 Year Old Son

Happy 23rd birthday my blessed son! I oray for you that your new age will be filled with meaningful relationships and experiences that bring you happiness. May you never be afraid to ask for help when needed. AMEN!

Heavenly Father, On the celebration of my son’s 23rd birthday, I pray that may his heart be filled with gratitude and appreciation for the people and blessings in your life. Best wishes to you my lovely son!

Happy 23rd birthday my son! I decree and declare that this coming year provide you with the soundness to process and manage your emotions in a healthy way and be able to use them to create positive outcomes in your life.

Son, Happy 23rd birthday! May you experience unlimited blessings on this special day and in the coming year as you reach for your biggest dreams. May you be surrounded by family, friends, and love as the year ahead brings new opportunities and experiences.

Happy 23 year old birthday boy! As you celebrate this remarkable day, I pray that you will find inner strength and resilience to overcome any challenges life throws your way. May you have the bravery to take risks, and the wisdom to recognize when it’s time to pause and reflect.

Wishing you a wonderful 23rd birthday Son, May this be the year where you discover lasting, meaningful friendships that foster your growth, and May your social circle be filled with people who inspire you to be your best self and support your dreams.

Son, Happy 23rd birthday!  In this coming year, I ask the Lord to bless you with abundant favor that will cause you to experience His goodness every day. May you always trust in the Lord’s perfect plan for your life, and may His grace follow you every step of the way.

To my dear son, here is sending a wonderful 23rd birthday blessings to you! With so much to ask the lord on your behalf, I ask that you are blessed with clarity of thought and insight to pursue the educational path that is most beneficial for you.

Happy 24th Birthday Prayer Son!

Happy 24th birthday blessings to my Son! In this new age of yours, I pray that you’ll be wise and resourceful with your gifts, talents, and resources in life, and may you be surrounded by people who can help guide you on your path to success.

Happy 24th birthday dear son! Dear lord, on my son’s birthday today, I pray that May you gift him with the wisdom and knowledge to manage his finances wisely and make sound decisions that will benefit his future.

Dearest son, May you be surrounded by God’s love and protection on this birthday, shielding you from all the schemes of the enemy and causing their attacks against you to be powerless. AMEN!

Happy 24th birthday son! May our relationship as parents and son be one of mutual trust and respect for all the years to come. and full of unconditional support.

My dear son, here comes your birthday once more, On your behalf I pray and ask the Lord to bless you with a heart of discernment to use your resources wisely. and may your birthday be a reminder of the abundance you have to offer the world.

Happy 24th birthday my lovely son! From today onwards, I ask that you are blessed with the insight to make the right choices, always stay one step ahead of your financial goals, and bravery to take control of your financial destiny.

Son, It’s your 24th birthday, I hope that you grow to be that man who will be blessed with the heavenly leadership skills to lead others with grace and integrity. have a Godspeed birthday my son!

Happy 24-year-old birthday son! Heavenly Father, I pray that you will give my son the boldness to lead with wisdom. Please equip him with the right skills to develop his leadership abilities and use them to bring glory to your name.

25th Birthday Blessing for Son 

Cheers to you son turning 25! I wish you a life filled with meaning and the courage to remain committed to your objectives. May you always have the strength to uphold your morals and enjoy the trip through life. AMEN! Have a good day, son!

Happy 25th birthday son! Just like me your father, I pray that you will grow up to be an amazing father, one who loves his children unconditionally and sets an example of passion and empathy for his own children. Love from DAD.

My son as you have grown into a young adult, I pronounce to God on your behalf today that as you continue to grow in age may you also always seek to learn, grow, and improve in all you do so as to become the best version of yourself. Have a blessed day my cute son!

Happy 25-year-old birthday my son! May you always take time to nurture your mind, body, and soul. I pray that you always have faith in yourself, and all that you can achieve, be proud of who you are, and have the confidence to be your unique self.

Happy birthday to my amazing son, who is 25! As you mature, may you become a gentle and strong man. As you approach establishing a family, may you be a loyal husband who never forgets to put family first.

Happy 25th birthday son! I oray for you today,that when you are ready to make a family, May you find a soulmate who will always love you, and be ready to share all of life’s joys and sorrows in equal measure no matter what life throws your way.