Heart Touching Heavenly Birthday Prayer Wishes For My Sister

Birthday Prayer For Sister In Heaven Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when it’s someone as dear as “your sister.” The pain of her absence is felt even more deeply on special days like her “supposed birthdays.” However, just because she is no longer with you physically, doesn’t mean you can’t still honor her special day. One of the most ideal ways to commemorate the birthday of your beloved sister who has passed away is with heart-touching birthday prayer wishes for your sister in heaven. This is because Prayer has the power to heal and provide comfort, and it can be a beautiful way to feel close to your sister even after she’s gone.

Wondering how to go about this birthday prayer for my sister in heaven? Look no further, For you, we’ve made this collection of happy birthday wishes for my sister in heaven that you can use as a guide to bless the soul of your late sister on her special day.

Although she might be in heaven, I encourage you to mark this unforgettable day with a cherishable birthday gift for your sister, as it’s a beautiful gesture to honor her memory and show your love for her.

Birthday Prayer for Sister in Heaven

To the world’s best sister, On this day, as we celebrate your 10th birthday in heaven, I pray that God continues to surround you with His love and peace. May He bless you with eternal happiness and joy? Have a wonderful day sis.

Happy 18th birthday in heaven, my dear sister. It’s my prayer that the Lord will continue to guide you and keep you safe in His loving embrace and that you’ll be surrounded by the light of His love always. AMEN!

Since your death I have not recovered from the PTSD, I can’t even properly live my day-to-day life without thinking of how much I miss you. I hope the angels make your day joyful. Happy birthday to my sister in heaven.

Losing you was the worst thing that happened to this family in general but since you are with the Lord and it’s your 25th birthday in heaven, I pray that God grants you eternal rest and showers you with His blessings. May He continue to watch over you and keep you in His loving care.


Happy 30th birthday in heaven to my beloved sister. I may not be with you there but I declare that God shall fill your heart with his heavenly bliss as you celebrate on this special day, and always. You are deeply missed and forever loved.

It’s your 6th birthday in heaven, and as we celebrate On this day we join faith as a family to ask that God continues to shower you with His grace and mercy. May He bless your soul and keep you in His divine embrace. Hallelujah!

Happy 20th birthday in heaven, my sweet sister. It’s my wish that God will grant you eternal happiness and fill your heart with His love. You will always be remembered and cherished.

I wish that you were here with us today to celebrate your 12th birthday, but I know that you are celebrating in heaven. May God bestow upon you a joy that never ends and shower you with His everlasting love. You remain in our hearts and our minds always.

On this special day, as we commemorate your heavenly birthday, my beloved sister, I fondly remember all the times you went out of your way to make sure I was content. May God continue to protect and bless you in His infinite love and grace.

Prayer for My Sister in Heaven on Her Birthday

Birthday Prayer for Sister in Heaven
Birthday Prayer for Sister in Heaven

To my beloved sister, who is now in the loving embrace of God and Father Abraham, I sincerely hope that the new age you will experience in Heaven will be full of joy and beauty that you can cherish for eternity. Stay safe until we can be reunited once more. Happy heavenly birthday sis.

On this special day of your (age) heavenly birthday, my sweet sister, I humbly ask the Lord to shower your soul with His light and love. You are deeply remembered and cherished, and I will continue to pray for you and all of your needs. Happy birthday in paradise my sister.

On this day of your 23rd birthday in heaven, dearest sister, I pray that God will grant you eternal rest and fill you with His comforting light. May His love continue to envelop you and bring you peace and solace.

My dearest beloved sister, you will always occupy a treasured place in our hearts. Even though we did not always have a close relationship while you were here on earth, we remember you fondly and send our love and blessings to you on your birthday in heaven. May God shower your soul with His love and grant you everlasting joy and contentment.

Happy Birthday to my little sister in heaven. On your first birthday, you’re not here. I know you’re in a great place way better than I am. But I wish you were here with me my fave.

Birthday parties have never been the same since you left us, sis. Although I miss you every day, especially on your birthday, I do miss you more. I wish you were here to share in our celebration of this day. Happy birthday in heaven to my sister.

When you left, You left a huge hole in my heart. I spend every of your birthday thinking about what we do when you are here and what we could have done today you are not here. I hope you have a happy birthday in heaven sister.

There is no doubt that a sister’s love for a brother never diminishes in the slightest. I sincerely wish you were present right now. I am unable to stop crying I’d want to wish you a happy birthday, my sister in paradise!

Birthday Wishes for Sister in Heaven

On your birthdays I only think of one thing, which is “I truly wish heaven had visiting hours.” Happy birthday to my big sister in heaven. I love you and we miss you here.

Happy Birthday to my sweet sister in Heaven!!! I baked your favorite cake and snacks in remembrance of you! I hope you have a nice time in paradise today! Your sis/bro loves you!

Yes, your journey was not a long one but the impact you have left is heart-warming and life-transforming. You were the true lover of life and knew how to handle and take care of relationships. I miss you and I love you with the same flair. Happy birthday to my sister in heaven!

Sis why you bid adieu to us too early is still an unanswered question. With your departure, liveliness, laughter, and happiness have also departed this house. I hope you are residing in peace in heaven. Happy birthday to my sister in heaven!

Happy birthday to my cute sister up in heaven. Happy 16th birthday [name]!! I love you, baby!! I’m so proud of you. I hope you have a Wonderful day in heaven!!

Happy Birthday to my sister in heaven. You are my hero & best friend. I’ll never forget your love for [including sister’s favorite hobby]. I wish death never happened & that you were still here for Mom. We had the best time ever growing up & I’ll never forget you, Love You.

Happy heavenly birthday to my sister [his name], May you continue to Rest In the bosom of the lord in Heaven. You are gone but not forgotten, and will always remain in our hearts forever. Love you so much, sis!