Happy New Year Prayer And Blessings For Parents, Siblings, And Relatives

New Year Prayer for Family – With 2022 coming to an end, Regardless of what the year was to you, the most ideal thing to do right now is to set your gaze on the upcoming year (2023) in the hope to get the most out of it.

A new year is like a blank canvas, waiting for us to paint it as we please. Therefore taking good advantage of it to send our families thoughtful New Year Prayer for Family is just one gesture that can make the difference between an average year and a great year to come.

Coming up with a new year prayer should be an easy task to complete but in a case where you need a guide for it, then you have come to the right place.

For you, I have put together this collection of New Year’s blessings for family (father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, and uncle), which you can either pronounce for them yourself or you can copy, modify it to your desire, and send to them as a new year’s MSG!

2023 New Year Prayer for Family

I beseech thee oh lord On behalf of my family for the upcoming new year (2023) in the hope that you will bless all that they will do in the new year, honor all of their prayers/plans for the year, and align the year in their favor. AMEN!

Greetings for a very happy new year to my family. I’m hoping that this year will bring the family more success and happiness. I pray that the Lord would inspire us to have various causes to celebrate and guide us as a family in doing something unique.

In this new year, Incurable disease sickness shall not be a portion of my family, I decree that the lord will remove any atom of unwellness from our family in this new year. In Jesus’ name!

Oh lord, my father, In this year of 2023 I decree that no weapon the enemies have fashioned against us shall come to pass, I pray the lord will continue to be our shield and cause us to triumph always.


To my wonderful family, I do not know what the previous year must have looked like but I am sending you this prayer knowing that the lord will set your foot on a solid rock. AMEN!

Whatever troubles the enemies will try to bring your way in this new year, I decree that the lord who is the creator of the universe will nullify their attack against you and make you victorious.

My sweet family may all that you do in this 2023 be blessed, may all of your efforts never go to waste, and may you be a blessing to everyone you come in contact with throughout the year in Jesus’ name. Have a wonderful new year experience.

I pray that the Lord would make 2023 a more noteworthy year where all of your problems from the previous year of 2022—any challenges you endured or issues you had to deal with in 2022—will be gone. Have a wonderful new year.

Who will shut the door that the lord God has opened up for your sake? Wherever the door of breakthrough has been shut against you, In this new year I decree that the lord in his armor of war will break down that door and make this year your best year ever. In Jesus’ name!

In this new year, I join my faith with the lord and decree that blessings overflow shall be the portion of my family. May they never lack in any form and may the lord Guide all that they do in 2023. Hallelujah!

Prosperous New Year Blessing for My Family

I present my family before you in this brand-new year, O Lord, admitting that they are all sinners and that you are the only one who can cleanse them of all of their transgressions. I ask that you will heal them and deliver them from sin and the devil in this brand-new year. the name of Jesus. AMEN!

My dear family members, I entrust your departure and arrival to the tender care of Jesus, and I ask that no matter whatsoever steps you take in the year 2023, the Lord will protect you throughout and that no harm will come to you. AMEN!

Blessings for a very happy new year to my family. I hope this year brings you significantly larger happiness and accomplishments. From now till the end, may we be always graced with wonderful news and good omens. I pray for a prosperous 2023 for us.

Regardless of what the wicked ones believe or what their evil plans are against us. I pray the Lord would give us many reasons to constantly be glad and rejoice as a family in this new year and that we will always do something meaningful as a family.

As a household, In this new year, I hope that as we all take each day one step at a time and strive to be better people than we were a year ago, The lord will cause our relationship to be strengthened and our love for one another to become stronger. A greater year ahead of us, I pray. Hallelujah!

2022 may have come and gone, and we may not have met our goals as a family or individually in this prior year. Therefore I’m sending this as a message of assurance that everything we weren’t able to do in 2022 will be made up for a thousandfold in the coming year.

Having yall as my family is such a blessing to me that I can’t be thankful to God enough, I pray that as he keeps all of us through the year 2022 in good health, may he continues to keep us in such a state in this year and forever more. AMEN!

In this year, regardless of what might be going on around the world, regardless of how bad the year would be, I pray that we will never lose a member of the family, In Jesus’ name. ANEN!

It is no new thing that I feel so blessed to have a happy family in that I can take comfort. Therefore Here’s me wishing all of my family members a wonderful 2023 ahead. I hope the new year will be filled with love, laughter, and good health!

Happy New Year Prayer for Father

New Year Prayer for Family
New Year Prayer for Family

To my dear father, In this new year, I pray that you have a happy and healthy new year. I hope that you will be with me next year just as much. I’m hoping we’ll be together again next year and in other years to come as well.

May this new year bring you joy everlasting and unlimited blessings. May the year be as wonderful as your lovely soul, I wish you all the good that the year has to offer. Happy new year dad.

Health is wealth, Therefore my dad, I decree that in this new year, you shall experience the health of the heavens, no sickness or disease shall befall you, and may your soul find rest in the blessing of the lord!

The Lord who rescued Silas and Paul, I ask that you preserve my daddy from all the problems of this world in the coming year and give him the courage to follow your teachings and moral standards. Happy New Year to my father!

Heavenly Father, I come before you on behalf of my lovely father, I am asking that you send your Holy Spirit to sanctify his soul, mind, and body so that he may live a happy new year and be free from sin, temptation, death, and sorrows.

My wonderful father, In this new year I pray that everything you do shall prosper, be blessed, and will bring with it even more blessings to glorify God’s name. Happy new year to my sweet father!

Not a day passes in a year that I do not thank God for giving me such a father who has a blessed soul, As we come into this new year, I pray that life becomes even better for you than it was before. AMEN!

Dear Father, I pray that as the year 2023 draws near in a few days, weeks, or months, it will be a day filled with love and joy for you and the entire family for all the beautiful things you have been doing for each of us. Blessed new year to my dad!

Dad may this new year bring a strong bond between you and Mom, I pray that the love both of you have for one another continues to grow from strength to strength each and every day of the year. AMEN!

Dear Dad, I decree and pronounce that this new year of 2023 will be your best year on earth, in Jesus’ name, regardless of how many years you have spent on earth and regardless of everything you have accomplished in life.

New Year Prayer for My Mother

Happy new year prayer to you my mother, In this new year Mom, I pray that the lord will safeguard you from all the sorrows, troubles, and adversaries of this world and grant you the strength to walk in God’s truth and righteousness.

Mom, I pray that as we begin this new year, May the lord sends his Holy Spirit to sanctify your soul, mind, and body so that you may live a happy new year and be free from sin, temptation, death, and sorrows. AMEN, Hallelujah!

The woman of my heart, I pray that as we move into this new year, May the new year be the best one of your life. May God bless you with happiness and peace. Have a sweet year ahead!

Mom, I am aware that you’ve had a lot to deal with this year of 2022, Therefore Mom, I pray that 2023 2ill be different and that the everlasting lord will give you the strength to overcome all that you are going through. AMEN!

Oh Lord, I ask that you shower your care and tenderness over my mother. Help her to be grateful for everything she will get this year, to find calm as she looks out at the horizon, and to maintain her faith in these uncertain times.

My sweet mother, I really want to thank you for being present, nurturing, and protective throughout the year. As we cross over to this new year, I pray for God’s protection in all that you do. Have a blessed new year Mother.

As we celebrate this new year with love and hope, Mom I pray that whatever your plans and heart desire for the new year, may my God who is also your God take his time to honor them. In Jesus’ name!

My God, I want to thank you for being ever present in the life of my mother this past year, As we welcome this new year, I pray that whatever blessings you have designed for her this year will be hers to claim. AMEN! New Year blessings to you Mom!

Since the start of a new year is an ideal opportunity to begin anew with a fresh perspective on life and new prospects, Abba Father in heaven, I pray for my mother in the hopes that she may be healthy and lead a simple life. Mom, HNY!

As the new year approaches, I want to express my gratitude to my mother and ask God to grant her pleasure. I pray she has intelligent ideas, makes the right choices, and flourishes in everything she does. Dear Mom, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Blessing for Sister 

To my lovely sister, I pray that this new year may your worries be few, and may your life always be happy and filled with love. And may each day find you closer to a world free from want, anger, and grief. Have a wonderful new year sister!

Anytime I remember that you are my sister, I always feel lucky and blessed to be your brother, Hence I pray for you on this new year’s eve that the lord will uplift you beyond your wildest imagination in this new year. AMEN!

My dear sister, whatever you lay your hands on in this new year may the lord God prosper it beyond your belief, and may all that you will do flourish like the palm tree. AMEN!

Sweet sister, In this new year, you shall not lack, you shall not beg, blessings shall follow you, favor shall be your all round portion, and the grace of the lord will be sufficient for you in all that you o. Have a blessed new year sis!

Sister, in this new year, In the name of Jesus, may the Lord always stand up to fight your war for you. May he always be on your side, lead your steps, and protect you in every way. AMEN!

Dear Sister, may God continue to bless you with good health, happiness, and peace as the new year gets underway and we look to our hearts for the hope and joy of a new beginning in this new year.

To my sister, This is my New Year prayer for you: May all your needs be met, and may all your wishes come true. And always remember that I love you very much! Best wishes for the New Year ahead!

In my prayer for you, I ask for the opportunity to help you find your way out of struggle. I pray that it doesn’t take too long before you start seeing some progress in what you do. AMEN!

I pray for my sister the strength to forgive others and herself. I pray that she begins this new year with forgiveness in her heart so she can heal. Have a fantastic new year.

To my adorable sister, I hope that this year will bring you a renewed sense of optimism and that you will achieve all of your goals while also finding joy in the process. AMEN!

New Year’s Prayer for My Brother

Who will say a thing and it comes to pass when the lord has not spoken? Whoever is saying a thing (negative) towards your life, my dear brother, I pray that the lord will cause that mouth to wither, and may this new year be filled with favor for your sake. AMEN!

My beloved brother, Because the Lord is your shepherd, In this new year, you shall never want, He will guide you alongside peaceful waters, he will heal your soul, and he will set a feast before you in the midst of your adversaries. AMEN!

May this year of 2023 be filled with opportunities that will cause breakthroughs and divine manifestation in your life, dear brother. In all you do, make sure to have a wonderful year ahead!

I am very much aware that It’s going to be a tough year ahead, So I summon the lord and ask him to guide, protect and watch all of your movements in this coming year. AMEN!

Hey bro, I have no idea what your resolutions are for the coming year, but I make a decree in the holy name of God that I hope all of your goals will be accomplished this year and that you will enjoy the process of working toward them. AMEN!

As we go into this new year, Dear god I pray you to give my brother the strength and courage to overcome all his trials and tribulations. Give him strength and courage to win battles. Blessed new year, my handsome brother.

Dear God, In this new year, I pray that you please bless my awesome brother with good health, happiness, love, and understanding so that he will have a blessed year ahead. AMEN!

To My Brother, I wish you the happiest new year yet! I pray that the Lord would continue giving you the mental toughness and resourcefulness you need to accomplish all of your goals this year with ease. Hallelujah!

I see your struggles, I see how much effort you put in to make something meaningful out of your life my dear brother and I believe the lord sees it also, Therefore, I pray that everything you dream of comes true! Happy New Year! I love you so much.

Oh, my God, I ask that you bless my brother as well as shower him with your love on this New Year’s eve. I wish him a prosperous, healthy, and nutritious year. Give him the perseverance to face every challenge that will come his way.

Blessed New Year for Aunt and Uncle

Lord, I ask that you protect my aunt, her husband, and their children. I hope that my aunt’s life will be filled with nothing but good tidings, blessings, and great metiers from this world in the forthcoming year. Enjoy the new year, aunt.

Dear God, I would like to pray to you for a moment. I would ask that in this new year, you watch over my Aunt and keep her safe from all the predators of life. Have a blessed new year Aunty!

For my aunty, Lord I beg that you Please give her health, happiness, and long life so she can take care of all those who need it most. May her new year be blessed. AMEN!

To my favorite aunty, I decree and declare that May the new year bring you all things good and May it fill your life with sweet blessings. I wish you happiness and peace.

The family’s favorite aunt is being wished a year full of happiness and joy by the siblings, who have gathered to make this declaration to our heavenly father. I hope this is the best year you’ve had in a long time.

I hope you have a great new year, dear uncle. You are my favorite. Wishing you joy and a sense of peace in your life. I pray that during the entire year, you may live a life of thankfulness.

In all of my uncles going out and coming in, in this new year, O God, I pray that you protect my uncle from every harm and danger, so that he may return safely to his family and friends.

My dearest uncle, As the new year begins, I wish you a fruitful and happy new year, I am here praying that you stay strong, healthy, and happy always. Have a blessed new year uncle!

Lord, I ask that you protect my uncle, his wife, and their children. I hope that my uncle’s life will be filled with nothing but good tidings, blessings, and great things from this world in the coming year. Enjoy the new year, uncle.

After everything you’ve been through this year, I hope that you can truly let go of the past and start to look toward the future. I pray that you will find peace in the new year. And may this be a happy new year, Dear uncle.