Happy New Year Prayer Message and Wishes for Your Pastor to Be Blessed in 2023

New Year Prayer for Pastor – Just like the members of the church, our pastors deserve our prayers too and the new year is a great opportunity to bless him with prayers.

Because a new year is like an entirely blank canvas to us, as it’s for us to decorate any way we wish, It is wise to use it to our advantage by praying for our pastor for the upcoming new year in hopes that the lord will bless him and be with him always.

If you have come to this page because you are looking for the best new year prayers for your pastor that you can copy, edit to your taste and send to him coupled with a new year’s gift for your pastor, then you have come to the best place.

For you, I’ve come up with this powerful collection of New Year prayer points for your pastor that you can decree to God on behalf of your pastor or would want to send to him as a new year MSG. Let’s GO!!!!

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Happy New Year Prayer for Pastor 2023

Dear Pastor, I want to wish you a very happy new year. May this year be one of peace and prosperity for you and your family. Have a prosperous new year sir!

Oh lord, I ask that you bless my pastor mightly in this forthcoming year of 2023, I pray you give him more anointing and may favor never depart from his home. Blessed 2023 wishes to my dear pastor!

In this coming year, May the lord who answereth prayers beyond our imaginations move you from glory to glory, and may his anointing never depart from you throughout your lifetime. Have an anointing-filled year my pastor!

Oh lord my father, In all that my pastor will be doing in this upcoming year, I pray for you to crown all of his efforts and honor all the secret prayers of him and his family, in Jesus’ name. AMEN!

My man God, It is true that I have so much to ask the lord on your behalf in this coming year, but first I decree that he will encompass you in his grace and mercies and cause you to grow in the spirit always throughout the new year!

The God of David, because you are the one who called my pastor, I pray that in 2023 you will seamlessly grant his heart’s desire and no evil shall come near his dwelling. May he always grow from grace to grace, and from honor to honor.

For my amazing pastor, I pray oh lord, ask that you bless him with health, keep him safe, cause him never to lack, and bestow upon him the joy of your salvation all through 2023. AMEN!

Jesus the king of Israel, As 2023 will be upon us soon, I decree and declare that may you continue to use my pastor as an instrument to spread your word across our community and the aace of the earth. AMEN!

King of kings, I pray that may this new year be the beginning of a new chapter in the life of my dear pastor and his wonderful, may your light shine brightest and never depart from their family. Blessed 2023 to my pastor!

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New Year Prayer for Pastor
New Year Prayer for Pastor

Dear Father in Heaven, I pray for my pastor and request that you provide him with new understanding and a new anointing for the upcoming year. And in the upcoming year, he will be successful in everything he touches. Good luck in the new year, my pastor!

You are more than just a pastor and a spiritual father to me; you are like a father to me on earth. As a result, I ask that the God you serve would meet all of your needs in this new cycle and beyond via His eternities riches. Pastor, happy new year.

Dear pastor, as we prepare to welcome the new year, Regardless of what might happen, I pray that you will continue to be an instrument of God’s love in our community and beyond. AMEN!

In this coming year, Heavenly Father, I pray that you will uplift the ministry of our dear pastor, I decree that through him, you will heal the sick, give hope to the hopeless, and spread your word across the corners of the earth. AMEN!

Oh Lord, I pray in the best interests of my pastor that you provide him the grace necessary for the unction to function in accordance to your purpose and anoint him for signs and wonders. I ask this in the name of Jesus. AMEN!

Dear Pastor, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year. May the coming year bring you peace and joy. I pray that God will bless you with strength and wisdom in all your endeavors.

My loving pastor, It s  no doubt that You have been a source of strength for us the members in the past years, therefore I pray for you and your ministry in the coming year that may God continue to bless it abundantly!

Through your words and encouragement, I am so charged in the spirit and looking forward to the challenges that this new year will bring. I go to my knees

As we look forward to the forthcoming year, I pray that the lord who brought the Israelites out of Egypt will keep you charged against the forces and challenges of the coming year. AMEN!

Dear Father, I pray for my pastor in this new year. I pray that you keep him healthy and give him all of the abundant strength to continue his ministry in truth and his spirit.

Happy New Year Blessings for Pastor

Lord Jesus, provide our pastor wisdom to grasp your word in the upcoming year, the knowledge that goes beyond that of the average person, and the ability to recognize your word for what it truly is so he can communicate with us in a way that pleases you.

I am aware that the year 2022 was not a walk in the park for you and your family, But I go to my knees to God on your behand that God will make this year a better year that will fill your face with smiles and laughter. AMEN!

my dear pastor, Amidst all of these uncertainties and problems filled in the world, In this new year of 2023 I pray that your ministry will be fruitful and that you are able to touch the lives of many people in need of hope. Have a glorious new year.

As the new year draws near, I wish that you have a joyful new year filled with love, joy, peace, and all other beautiful things. Every time I think of you as my pastor, it makes me so happy and gives me an amazing sense of delight. AMEN!

I pray and hope that the new year brings you chances and opportunities. I hope and pray that all those who care deeply for you will be all around you. I wish you success in life, career, and destiny this next year. AMEN!

My gracious pastor, I am so grateful for all that you do for me and my family. I pray that the heavenly father who is your lord and my father will continue to honor your family in the same manner.

Dear Pastor, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I pray that the new year will bring you many blessings. I want to thank you for all the work that you do for me and my family.

Thank you for being such a great pastor to me and my family. May the new year bring many blessings to your ministry, your family, and your congregation! Happy New Year!

I pray that the new year will make you a better person and bring you good fortune. I want God to surround you with people who love you and care for you. I wish you success in all areas of your life this year, including work, home, and relationships. AMEN

Dear man of God, I hope this new year brings you a lot of joy and happiness. I hope that you will have a great start to the year and that it will be filled with peace and love. I wish you all the best for 2023.

May the God whom you call on satisfy your tired and hungry soul with the new wine of His grace in this new chapter, may He abound you with His understanding, and may God’s grace be upon you always. Pastor, happy new year.