Monday New Week, New Blessings Prayer for Myself to Have a Blessed Week


New Week Prayer For Myself – Aside from being the first day of the new week and a day when you can plan for the activities to be carried out during the week. Monday presents us with the chance to pray for ourselves in the hope that God will be with us, guide our steps and bless all that we will do for the week.

Coming up with a Monday prayer for yourself should be quite easy and effortless, But in a case where you need a guide or something to use as a framework, then you have come to the right place.

On this page is a collection of handpicked new week prayer quote for myself that I use to bless myself every Monday and you too can pick from it and do the same.

Scroll down to find them and choose from the one you find ideal.

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Monday Prayer for Myself

Here comes another Monday today, God, I ask that you put in my life the things that are truly important and the things that will make me happy today and this week. AMEN!

Oh Dear lord, it’s Monday once more. I beg you to lead me through the next week, shield me from all the enemy’s sufferings, give me the energy I need to do everything I have on my plate, and most likely simply, bless everything I touch.

On this Monday, Jesus, I pray that you sharpen up my creativity, and bless me so I can grow as a person and in my area of expertise. Thank you for answering my prayers.

On days like this, I really just want to thank you lord for the love you have continuously given me and the love you have allowed me to enjoy from others even when I do not deserve it.

Through you oh lord, my life has been a testament of glory and wonderment. today being Monday, I want to ask that you continue to bless me beyond measure. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

Oh God, my father, As I begin this new week please I ask that you cover me in your strength of willpower so that I won’t grow lazy or become tired of whatever I will be working on. Amen.

I may have been so careless of my personal life growth, but Today lord I pray for my all-around growth, I am asking that you help me to Grow in every area of my life that needs growth.

Since it is Monday, Lord, I am aware that I may have repeatedly screwed opportunities that were to my advantage. Therefore, I am pleading with you for assistance so that I can approach this new week as a new chance to get a fresh start.

Prayer for New Week for Myself

Today is Monday morning, which means “A NEW DAY.” Lord, I really want to thank you for being able to see me another day and yet another Monday. I ask that you guide me in your all through the week.

God the Father, I bow down before you, O Lord, my God, and I thank you for waking me up on this particular Monday morning so that I may enjoy the sun’s rays as they stream from the sky.

In your word, it is said who says a thing that comes to pass when you the lord have not said it. I pray to you God on this Monday morning, that whatever the enemies have said against me shall never manifest.

Oh my God Instead of the stress and problems, show me the happiness of a morning embrace with loved ones. It’s possible to look forward to Monday as a pleasurable day rather than a day that must be endured with dread.

I come to you in prayer this Monday morning, Lord, and since I am only human, I beg you to kindly guide me in discovering how to be more compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and gentle.

Lord Jesus, by your grace, I would like to see this new week start with your mercy and compassion in my heart and thoughts so that I can let go of what has been preventing me from trying to move forward.

Lord, On this Monday I want to thank you for the strength you have always bestowed on me every day to go through the previous weeks. I pray that you continue to strengthen me, In Jesus’ name.

In these past few weeks, I have gone through battles and won so many of them. Lord, I am using this Monday to show you how much I am thankful for everything that makes me stronger every day.

New Week Prayer for Myself

With a mouth full of praise and a mind filled with thanksgiving, Lord I am thanking you for all that you have done for me and I am giving you praise for being the greatest KING. Best Monday wishes to me.

Here comes another Monday again, Lord I pray that you grant my heart desires on this day, and may you not hesitate to grant me your definite mercy and immerse me with your love.

On this Monday that begets a new week, Lord my prayer is that no weapon of the evils formed against me shall ever come to manifestation. I pray that every tongue that rises against me shall be condemned.

I love Monday cause it is a day where I am opportune to replan for a new week, so God I pray to you that as a go about making new plans may you honor them and help them come to manifestation in Christ’s name. AMEN!

On this Monday and beyond, Dear lord, my prayer is that whatever the plans of the wicked one are, In whatever the enemies plan to cause mischief upon, I pray that they shall not prevail.

Lord, I pray that this Monday will lead me to a week full of testimonies and praises unto the lord, and may all of my effort be rewarded in your greatest love. Blessed Monday I pray oh lord!

Nothing makes me happier than when I am reminded that God is always by my side and would continue to be today being Monday and forever. Blessed Monday wishes to me.

Its Monday and my prayer is that the lord will Allow me to pour my best into everything I do and still have time to step back and enjoy life. So be it, Amen!

New Week Blessings Prayer for Myself

New Week Prayer For Myself
New Week Prayer For Myself

As this week begins today being Monday, Dear lord, I pray that you help me to achieve all that I set out to achieve from today throughout the week. Amen!

As I look set to begin this week starting this Monday, Lord Please help me to be aware of what brings meaning and joy into my life and remove those things that distract me.

My heavenly father, I admit I can’t do this alone hence I am here in your presence once again to ask that you bless me starting this Monday and provide all of my needs through Christ Jesus. AMEN!

It’s Monday and the start of a new week. Since it is the start of a new thing, Lord I pray that may it bring about only new things and new milestones in my life. Thank you for answering my prayers.

I beg You, Father, this day being Monday that You will approach near to me with Your Holy Presence. Keep me in Your protective arms at all times. With the priceless blood of the lamb, cover me.

Oh lord, I want you to help me so I can use this new day of a new week, to begin with, forgiveness and understanding in my heart and mind so that I will be able to let go of what has been holding me back.

Here comes another Monday again, Lord I beseech thee that you Give me strength so that I may persevere through any difficulties or challenging situations that come my way this week.

On this day when others would be asking for one request or the other, Lord, I really want to thank you for the recently concluded weekend. It wouldn’t have been a great weekend if not for you, So, thank you lord for making a weekend to remember.

Monday New Week Prayers for Myself

Today is another day where I have to head to the office, Lord firstly I want to thank you for giving me life to see this day, and secondly, I want to ask that you guide me all through the day and be my lord. AMEN!

Last week was one of my best weeks in a very long time now and I owe that to you for honoring my prayers when I came asking for your help, Here I am on this first day of a new week again asking that you continue to bless me.

Dear God, In this new week and on this day being Monday, I really want to thank you for all the blessings you have showered into my life, I pray that long may it continue. In Jesus’ name.

I seek your face, O Lord, knowing that Mondays are frequently challenging days, in the hopes that while I go about my daily tasks, you will be there for me and demonstrate to me why you are my lord. Thanks for answering my prayers!

Monday marks the beginning of a brand-new week. Thank you for each one of your blessings on my life, for the love I have experienced and provided, and for allowing me to live and witness yet another day.

Lord as I sojourn this new week I ask that you help me to find my way this week. I pray and ask that the hands of the enemy shall not touch me, I pray that you shall protect me all through the week.

In this new week lord. I may have so much to request from you but first I ask that you protect me, I ask that you give your angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways.

Lord, I pray that this Monday will be an opportunity for me to meet with wonderful people who would usher me into greatness so that your name will be glorified. Thank you, lord!

New Week New Blessings for Myself for Health

Heavenly Father, Please, on this Monday, I pray and ask that you give me the strength and knowledge to enjoy good health beyond my imagination. AMEN!

Eating well means living healthy. This is another Monday, a new week which means a new opportunity to a fresh start. Help me live a healthy life by eating well and being active.

Because the pinnacle of whatever every man would live to achieve on this earth is tied to health and since health is wealth, Lord I pray that the soundness of my body remains intact, today and beyond. AMEN

Oh Lord, on this Monday, I sincerely appreciate You for providing me with the health and strength I needed to dislodge every obstacle in my path. And I’m grateful that You still love me no matter what, even when I err.

Jesus, I pray On this Monday, I offer myself a prayer, asking that I start the week strong in good health, and may my enemies’ wicked plan never befall me, no matter how hard they try. AMEN!

Lord as this new week begins, I really want to thank you for taking me through the last week in good health and protecting me from all the eyes and challenges of the evil ones. I ask that you continue it today. AMEN!

In this new week, Lord I pray for my good health and well-being, I ask that you cover me in your care so that I won’t suffer from any sort of sickness projected by the evil ones.

With a mind full of soundness one can achieve anything with your help, Therefore lord l pray for me this Monday morning for a sound mind and healthy soul. Amen.

Blessed Prayer for Myself for New Week

This Monday, Heavenly Father, I want to ask that you Guide me in discovering how I might be compassionate, tolerant, friendlier, and more sympathetic. Help me to approach this week as a brand-new chance to start again, as if I were born again.

Lord, I come to you this Monday with only one request: please give me the fortitude to endure any hardships or trying circumstances that come my way today and during the week.

My goals for the coming week include eating breakfast, drinking plenty of water, exercising for at least 10 minutes, doing some stretches, drinking plenty of fluids, and sitting down immediately after work to read a book I like. Lord, I ask that you help me achieve them all.

Oh lord on this Monday I beseech that Give me Your calmness and peace when the storms come on today so I won’t be shaken. Lord, inflame a reformation in my life from the inside out.

Oh my God, I beseech you on Monday to walk by my side while I face the difficulties of the day. Please give me the strength I need to challenge the week ahead.

Lord, when I feel broken, heal my spirit so I can come out whole. Also, Lord, please utilize me as Your vessel each day while I pray. In the holy name of God, I pray that everything I do from now on will be blessed.

Conclusion on Monday Prayer for Myself Quotes

We have come to the end of this collection of happy new week prayers for myself. I hope you found all you were looking for on this page. If you found it useful, please leave a comment and share it with others. Cheers!