Monday Blessings for My Family to Have a Blessed Day and Week Ahead

Monday Prayer for My Family – Prayers are necessary! Prayers have many benefits and they are especially beneficial when you pray for people like your family member.

Praying for my family members on Monday is a good practice because it shows how much care you have for your family.

There are many benefits of sending prayers to family or praying on behalf of our family members to God, but one of them is the ability to strengthen the relationships of your family members with GOD almighty.

There are various ways in which you can say a powerful Monday morning prayer for your family which includes praying for them by yourself, Sending the prayer to them as a text message, or putting it up on your social media wall.

Whichever approach you would choose, I have put together this collection of Monday morning blessings for your family that you can use as a guide to pray for your family member(s).

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Monday Prayer for Family

Dear Lord, Thank you for this Monday and for the life I am blessed to live. Thank you for my family and the joy of living together with them. I pray that you continue to bless them in no small way. AMEN!

As my family prepares to face what the week has to offer this Monday morning, Dear lord I pray that you be their guide and show them that you are lord or Lord. Blessed Monday wishes to a lovely family.

Here comes another new week dear lord, I am taking out time today that you bless my family without holding back and beyond their imaginations. May your blessings on them become immeasurable. AMEN!

The new week is upon us once more, Lord all I am asking you is that you should please intervene in their lives and make things better. Today I wish my family a blessed Monday and the week ahead.

On this Monday morning, Lord I really do count on you to touch my family members in every area of their life that needs your divine touch, and don’t forget to bless them beyond measure. AMEN!

Dear Lord, please immerse my lovely family members who are going through a difficult time in your loving kindness, bestow unto them your grace to overcome adversaries. May this Monday mark the beginning of a new thing in their life. AMEN!

Heavenly Father, I want to sincerely Thank you for all of the work and opportunities You provide for me and my family. I pray that long may it continue. Blessed Monday wishes to my family.

God of the host, I am here before you to thank you for the Health of family members. I want to thank you for keeping them safe from all sorts of diseases and sicknesses and on this new week, I ask that you continue to bless them with good health.

Monday Morning Prayer for Family

It is true that without you oh lord we can do nothing, So today I come to you on behalf of my family so that you will strengthen them and help them achieve all of their goals for this week. AMEN!

Oh God, my father, I ask that you help my family member to be grateful in all things, no matter how difficult they may seem. Bring peace into my family’s hearts and help them to understand that every day is a gift from You.

To the king of kings who is the lord of I really want to thank you for all of the good things you have always done for my family, I pray that you continue to show up for us in situations where it matters the most. In Jesus’ name. AMEN!

Whatever the plans of the enemies against every member of my family, Oh lord, I intercede on their behalf that the plans of the evil ones will never come to manifestation against them today and in days beyond.

I am using this Monday as a medium of contact to ask you oh GOD to bless my family member financially, I pray that in whatever area of their financial lives need your touch may you not hesitate t touch it with your mighty hand. AMEN!

The giver of good health, I know I have so much to request from you on behalf of my family this Monday morning but firstly, I want to ask that you keep blessing them with wonderful health, today and forever. AMEN!

Oh lord, I am very grateful for all that you keep doing for my family. I do not know where my family would have been without your good deeds in our lives. I pray you to grant my family a wonderful Monday blessing.

Dear Lord, I sincerely thank you for the new week and all the blessings you have constantly bestowed on my dearest family. I ask that you continue to help my family be grateful and to show love to others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Monday Blessings for Family

Monday Prayer for My Family
Monday Prayer for My Family

In your word, it is written that you shall supply all of our needs through Christ Jesus. This Monday lord I ask that you supply all the needs of my family member so that they would find rest and believe in you more.

Just like as you blessed KING Solomon with wisdom, Lord I pray that you grant each and every one of my family members the wisdom they will need to navigate this Monday and the week in general. AMEN!

On this Monday, Father I come to you with my petition on behalf of my family that they may continue to find peace in their home, and may they be comforted by you on this Monday.

On behalf of my family, God, I want to thank you for the marvelous health condition and disease/sickness-free health you have blessed them with. In this new week, I pray that long may it continue. In Jesus’ name. AMEN!

It is without a doubt that every family built on love does not shake and they stick together during the trying times, Therefore lord I ask that you bestow my family with love unlimited on this Monday and days beyond.

O God, we pray for this family on Monday that whatever their heart desire, may you grant it to them seamlessly, may they not lack, and may they find rest in your bosom.

Monday Prayer For My Family

Elsheddai I want you to bless my family with your unending love today, I pray that you shower them with your blessings so that they will be a testament to your good works. AMEN!

Dear Lord, please show your love and mercy to my family members who are going through a difficult time. May this Monday bring a new meaning to their lives and destiny? Best Monday blessings to my family.

Father, I request that Your Holy Presence draws my family closer to You and Wrap each of them in Your loving arms and never let them go. This Monday, I ask that you Cover them under the precious blood of the lamb. AMEN!

My family is going through a hard time at this moment in their life, I pray that in this new week, you should Please give them strength and hope to keep living. Blessings for this Monday I pray!

To my family, I ask that you fully exploit this Monday to reflect on your life in order to be able to perceive the greater perspectives that the Holy Spirit would further actually open for you. I hope you have a great Monday!

Dear family, In the spirit of this amazing Monday that signifies the beginning of a new week, I make my prayers to the lord that he will clot us with excellence, and may we be mindful and grateful for the blessings in our lives.

New Week Family Prayer

On just this Monday, Heavenly Father, I ask that you Wash away my family of anything that might cause You to be extremely upset with them. re-energize their body, spirit, and mind. Amen.

Here I am once more my lord, Praying for my family In hopes that you will Protect any of them that are vulnerable during these times lord, and be with them that need you in their lives.

Oh Dear lord, give myself and my family Your sense of peace and emotional support whenever the storms come so that we won’t be flung around. Work from within to ignite the fire that is required in our life. AMEN!

Dear God, I know my family members are going through a lot at this moment, Therefore I ask you this Monday to Please give them the needed strength to hang in there for a little while longer.

As I and family, members prepare to face what this Monday has to offer, lord I pray that you Give us the faith to believe in miracles and to inspire others with hope and joy. AMEN!

On this Monday, My father who sits in the heavens, I want to Thank you for my family’s good health, and all of the wonderful gifts you have always sent from above.

Monday Family Blessings

Lord, just as the faces of my family are varied, so are their issues. For those who need your touch, please be there for them. For those who need your blessings, please shower them. And for those who need you to be there for them during these storms, please be there.

I know it is a trying time for my family members but the good lord on this Monday I pray Let their homes be safe and let them find shelter in your arms when they need you most lord.

Father, I thank You for Your love which has surrounded me like a shield all day long this week. Father, bless my family with Your love every day that is left of this week, and may You send it with them when they leave at the end of the week

My dear, I want to break it to you that this week can be what you make it. I understand that things are not always easy, but we are here with you to share in your struggles and celebrate the joys when they come.

Welcome to the start of a new week! May this today usher my family into a week filled with endless possibilities and the wonders of God’s work. Happy Monday blessings to my family, Wish you all the best.

A new week brings with it endless possibilities for the world, our communities, and ourselves. I send my family this wonderful Monday prayer in the hope that you will have a Monday filled with the lord’s blessings.

New Week Blessings to Your Family

We are grateful to the Lord for this lovely morning to start this new week. My family and I are in need of your generosity and mercy for the rest of the week, as well as for me. Amen.

Hey brother, I send you this Monday prayer message In the hope that you will have a satisfied and beneficial Monday designed for you by the lord to profit you in all manners, Coupled with all of its new possibilities and renewed conceptions.

I have been blessed to have a new week to offer a prayer of abundance for my family. To my amazing family and friends, I pray for nothing short of God’s abundance and blessings on your lives today and forever. AMEN!

Conclusion On Monday Prayer and Blessing for Family

We have come to the end of this collection of good Monday morning family. I hope you found all you were looking for on this page. If you found it useful, please leave a comment and share it with others. Cheers!