New Week Prayer For Myself in Islam


New Week Prayer For Myself in IslamThe Qur’an declares that God hears our prayers and that the du’a is a necessary part of Islam. He also claims that people who do not call upon Him would suffer greatly when they go to Hell. Saying the du’a brings us closer to God by realizing our flaws and admitting that only He can grant our requests.

By praying for the new week, we may also remember the underprivileged most impacted by climate change and renew our commitment to the original mission of protecting Creation.

Every morning in the lovely religion of Islam is an opportunity to make a connection with Allah, ask for His direction, and give prayers of thanksgiving and supplication. In Islam, saying a new week prayer is a meaningful way to start your week. You can ask for blessings, protection, and serenity.

 New Week Prayer For Myself in Islam

O Allah, You are my Lord and the only one deserving of worship; You created me and I am Your servant; I do my best to uphold Your covenant and promise, and I seek shelter in You from the evil that I have done. I accept Your favoritism towards me and my sin; please pardon me, for You alone are able to pardon sin.

It is a new week now, and all dominion belongs to Allah at this present moment. All glory is due to Allah.

O Allah, it is through your grace that we have made it to both morning and evening; it is through Your grace that we live and die, and it is through Your grace that we are raised to eternal life.

Indeed, it is a new week. I come to You, O Allah, and I invoke Your angels, Your throne bearers, and Your whole creation to give testimony that You alone are Allah, that no one else has the right to be worshiped but You, and that Muhammad is Your Messenger and Servant. (four times).

O Allah, all praise and gratitude are due to You alone, as You alone are the source of every benefit that I and every other member of Your creation have experienced.

Thank you, Allah, for granting me good health—both physical and mental. Only You have the right to be worshiped. (twice) O Allah, I seek shelter in You from poverty and unbelief as well as from the torment of the afterlife. Only You are worthy of adoration. Everyone else is not. (Triple times)

I trust in Allah because He is sufficient for me, the only one deserving of worship, and the Lord of the elevated seat. (morning and evening seven times)

Almighty, I beseech You for forgiveness and prosperity in this life as well as the next. O Allah, I beseech You for forgiveness and prosperity in all areas of my life, religious and secular, family and material. O Allah, conceal my frailties and calm my anxiety. O Allah, protect me from above, below, right, left, and all directions. I seek shelter in You so that I won’t be engulfed by the ground.

I testify, O Allah, Creator of the heavens and the earth, Knower of the seen and the invisible, Lord and Sovereign of all things, that only You are deserving of worship. I run to You for protection from the evil that exists inside me, from the devil’s wickedness and disobedience, and from doing harm to my soul or causing harm to another Muslim.

How wonderful Allah is, and I thank Him for the abundance of His creations, the weight of His throne, the ink of His writings, and everything else. (Triple times)

O Everliving, O Self-Sustained, O All-Supporting, by Your pity I ask for help, right all of my wrongs, and do not abandon me, not even for a moment.

Only Allah, who is almighty over all things, has the right to be worshiped. He is the only one with this privilege, being alone and without a companion.

May your love, O Allah, be with him constantly, and may the awareness that you are keeping an eye on him and directing his steps bring him happiness and comfort.

O Allah, lead us down the straight road and let your kindness and love into our hearts. Let you lead us to peace and prosperity so that we might find solace in you in the shadow of our ignorance.

Almighty Allah, bestow upon us the perseverance to hold firm to our faith and confidence in You. Please help us to never forget that you are always there for us, no matter what obstacles we encounter. Indeed.

Oh Allah, give us the fortitude and bravery to greet this day with love and appreciation. Also, keep us firm in our beliefs so that we can offer You our wholehearted devotion. Indeed.

May Allah give you wisdom and courage so that you can cheer up and satisfy everyone around you. May He lead you on the correct road and fill your heart with love and serenity. Amen..

O Allah, grant us Your favor and mercy so that we could be strengthened in our faith and led in the direction of righteousness. May Allah grant us the ability to fully enjoy each and every minute of our life.

Almighty Allah! Make us adore faith, let faith decorate our hearths!

Make blasphemy, disobedience, and rebellion look disgusting and stop us from liking them! Make us one of the people following the correct route.

Good morning! And the one who only hopes in Allah while following his inclinations is the unable one.

Oh God! On the Day when the Reckoning is established, pardon me, my parents, and all the believers!

The afflicted rely on God, while oppressors rely on force. Tormenting the populace now won’t stop the Day of Judgement from coming tomorrow. Greetings for the morning!

When a servant of God is prostrating, it is when he is closest to his Lord.

Greetings for the morning!

Oh Lord! Please pardon my parents, myself, and every new believer that moves into my home, as well as all the believing men and women.

Greetings for the morning!

O God, grant that the people who publish this treatise and their friends may receive the lights of belief in their hearts for the glory of Your Holy Beloved and Your Most Exalted Name. Give them the freedom to write several treatises on the intricacies of the Qur’an and to always stay on the straight and narrow. Indeed.

It is imperative that believers do not curse their nafs; instead, they must nurture and endow it with virtues; control it against any desires that go against Allah’s (swt) boundaries, morality, and conscience; and support what is right and the good people while opposing evil and the evil people.

God bless you this morning!

With a grin on your face, love in your “heart,” and positive thoughts in your “mind,” welcome to the new week.

May the brightest morning be yours.

You will reach an impossible end if you continue on the path led by people. Nonetheless, you will discover boundless hope if you continue on the path directed by Allah.

God’s blessings are unexpected, but your level of faith will determine how much you receive! May you experience unimaginable blessings. Greetings for the morning.

Oh Lord! Don’t judge us if we make mistakes or forget!

Oh Lord! After You have led us, let our hearts not stray (from the truth); show us kindness. You are the best owner, in fact.

You will experience a dew of love, a breeze of joy, a fog of serenity, rain of blessings, snow of happiness, and the flower of God’s grace!

Oh Lord! Pardon our transgressions, absolve us of our wicked actions, and grant us the death of the righteous! Greetings for the morning, my close companion.

Everybody experiences a particular form of miraculousness, and the Qur’an most perfectly illustrates this. It reveals its miracle eloquence to rhetoricians and eloquent individuals; to poets and orators, it reveals its miraculous and singularly exalted style, which is universally admired but cannot be replicated. It remains fresh forever since time does not affect it. Its verse, with its metrical and hythmical language, is the most noble and charming.

Greetings for the morning!

I will warrant you on Paradise if you warrant me on these six points;

When you talk, say the truth.

When you make a promise, fulfil it.

When you are given anything, treat it with respect.

Keep your dignity and virginity intact.

Keep haram away from your sight.

Keep your hands off bad things.


I hope you have a wonderful and happy morning!

I wish for the life you genuinely deserve—a life that is as great as you are, as brilliant as your smile, and as good as your heart! Greetings for the morning.

Allah has shown me that you ought to have humility and refrain from wronging one another.

Muhammad, the Prophet (saw)

Enjoy your enjoyable week!

Almighty Allah! Make us adore faith, let faith decorate our hearths!

Make blasphemy, disobedience, and rebellion look disgusting and stop us from liking them! Make us one of the people following the correct route.

Good morning! And the one who only hopes in Allah while following his inclinations is the unable one.

In the name of God, the All-Merciful, the Infinitely Good.

God is praised as the world’s Lord.

The All-Merciful, the Infinitely Good.

Ruler of the judgment day.

We adore Thee, and we look to Thee for support.

Lead us along the straight and narrow.

The way of those who are in your grace,

not the people you are angry with,

nor those who wander.


O He whom the describers’ description

cannot adequately describe!

O He who does not cross beyond

the optimism of the optimists!

O He who is never lost

the reward for excellent deeds!

O He who is the highest goal

of the worshippers’ terror!


God bless Muhammad and his family.

Accept Your pardon for me.

In the same way that my confession has met Thee,

raise me from the deadly defects of sin

In the same way as I disappointed Thee,

and drape Thy blanket over me

just as You haven’t shown any urgency to get revenge on me!



In this position, I confess my sins to Thee.

my transgressions,

both large and little,

my terrible actions,

both inside and outside,

my mistakes,

both historical and contemporary,

with the confession of a person who does not

convince himself that he might not follow

or suspect in private that he could commit an offense again.


You have declared, oh God,

in Thy Book’s unwavering word,

that You receive contrition from Your servants,

forgiven wicked actions,

and adores those who repent

Therefore, please accept my apology.

just as you said you would,

Forgive my wrong actions.

as you have promised,

and make your love mandatory for me.

As You have specified!


God bless Muhammad and his family.

Please may Thy kindness atone for my transgressions.

after my wicked crimes with Thy forgiveness,

return me not with the penalty that is due to me,

showered me with Your kindness,

envelop me in Thy protection,

and act with me.

by a powerful guy,

when a menial enslaved person begs him

and he extends kindness to him,

or a wealthy guy,

when an underprivileged enslaved person gives up

and he elevates him to prosperity!


God, I have no defense against you.

so, grant that You may be my shield!

I am not your intercessor.

So make Thy abundance my mediator!

My transgressions have made me shudder.

So please excuse me and grant me safety!