St. Patrick’s Day Prayer Points for Ireland, the Church and Its People

Prayer for St Patricks Day – St Patrick’s Day celebrated on March 17th is a day honoring the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.  This day is a cultural and religious holiday that commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and the heritage of the Irish people. It is traditionally celebrated with parades, feasts, and the wearing of green clothing and shamrocks. One of the best ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Christian is to Pray for Ireland, Pray for the people of Ireland, and for the Church in Ireland,

This prayer might involve Offering a prayer of thanksgiving, asking for God’s blessings, and requesting the intercession of Saint Patrick. Because we know that coming up with these prayers may be a big hassle for you, therefore We have embraced the responsibility of doing the homework for you. On this page is a collection of St Patrick’s Day prayers made just for you, which you can use as a guide to praying for Ireland, its church, and its people on this day of St Patrick.

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Prayer for St Patrick’s Day

Prayer for St Patricks Day
Prayer for St Patricks Day

Lord, I humbly bring my petition to you, asking that you’ll bring us peace and spiritual renewal on this special day of celebration for St. Patrick’s Day. We ask that the spirit of St. Patrick bring the Irish nation closer to you, that your love and grace may fill the hearts of all people. AMEN. Happy st Patrick’s day.

As a citizen of Christ, lord we join faith and humbly ask that you give Ireland the grace to remain true to your teachings, and the wisdom to follow in the footsteps of St. Patrick and that the Irish may find hope in your presence. Amen.

Dear Lord, On this St. Patrick’s Day, I come to you in prayer to thank you for your grace during times of adversity and hardship. I ask that you wrap your arms around us and remind us of your constant and never-ending love and presence in our lives. I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to everyone celebrating, It’s my prayer that God will grant us all the bravery and determination to keep going when times are tough and the wisdom to recognize when we need help. May we never forget His love, mercy, and goodness, even in difficult times.

Heavenly Father, on this joyous day of St. Patrick’s Day, we offer our prayers and blessings to you. As we celebrate the life of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, we ask that you bless the people of Ireland with serenity, and may they continue to be blessed with a strong and vibrant culture, and a growing economy. Amen.

God almighty, On this St. Patrick’s Day, I ask for Your mercy to be upon the Church, and that it may continue to grow and renew itself in the spirit of St. Patrick. May the Saint’s words and teachings be an inspiration to all of us today and onwards. Hallelujah!

Here comes another St. Patrick’s day, As we celebrate this day I really want to thank God for the legacy of faith the saint has left for us in Ireland and pray for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Ireland, its people, and the church. AMEN!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, On this day, Lord we ask that Your Spirit bring us the courage, hope, and love to live faithfully in the midst of our times. May we be blessed with the gifts of wisdom, and grace to love our neighbors and to be kind, gentle, and generous. Lord bless Ireland with peace and prosperity. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Heavenly Father, It’s St Patrick’s Day and I come before you with my petition that from this day, you’ll continue to bless the people of Ireland with your guidance and protection. May this special day bring us closer to you and to each other. AMEN!

God the Father as we celebrate this day of St Patrick, We ask for the understanding, counsel, and strength to follow Your ways and serve You faithfully. Grant us the strength and boldness to stand up for justice and equality, and to work for the common good of Ireland. Help us to be generous and loving, living in peace and harmony with all. Amen.

Almighty Father, on this St. Patrick’s Day we give You thanks for Your mercy and forgiveness. May You grant us the grace to receive Your forgiveness and to forgive others, just as You have forgiven us. Give us the courage to seek Your guidance and to follow Your will for our lives. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

May the grace of St. Patrick be with us all,
Blessing us with knowledge and understanding,
That we may use it to better the lives of all children,
In Ireland and around the globe.

May every child be blessed with safety and security,
May they have the tools to build a brighter future,
And may they be inspired by the courage and wisdom of St. Patrick.

We ask for the strength to foster a better world for our children,
Where all can learn, grow and thrive in peace and harmony.


Father in heaven, on this special day of St. Patrick’s, we ask for Your blessing of healing and comfort for all who are suffering. May You bring peace to their hearts and minds. May they know that You are with them and that You will be their strength in times of difficulty. May they feel Your presence and healing touch as they journey through their trials, and may they find hope and joy in You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

On this St. Patrick’s Day, Dear God, we come to You asking for Your blessings and defense for those who serve in the military. Give strength to the steadfast and courage to the bold. With Your mercy and grace, lead them and safeguard them. When they are worn out, give them courage, and when they are dejected, give them hope. May they always be aware of Your presence, no matter where they are. Amen.

Heavenly Father, on this special day of St. Patrick’s Day, we come to you in prayer, asking for your blessings for the families and communities of Ireland. We ask that you bring joy to the hearts of all Irish families, that you guide them in their decisions, and strengthen their bonds of love. AMEN!

On this day of st Patrick, We ask that God bless and protect the people of Ireland, and inspire them to honor family values and respect for one another. May our children be taught to live in unity and harmony and may their hearts be filled with compassion and kindness.

Almighty God, We thank you for your love and grace and for your never-ending protection of the Irish people. We ask that you continue to look over them, and bring prosperity and joy to them on this special day of St. Patrick’s Day.  Amen.

St. Patrick’s Day Prayer Points

Below are some Prayer Points for St. Patrick’s Day, which you can use as a guide to come up with your own prayers.

  1. Give thanks to God for His many blessings and for the gift of life.
  2. Ask for God’s grace and guidance for young people and for the future of Ireland.
  3. Thank God for Saint Patrick and the impact he had on Ireland and the world.
  4. Ask for Saint Patrick’s intercession in your life and that of Irish people.
  5. Pray for the people of Ireland and their spiritual and physical well-being.
  6. Pray for the Church in Ireland and for all those who serve as pastors, priests, and bishops.
  7. Ask for God’s protection and guidance for the leaders of Ireland.
  8. Pray for peace, justice, and harmony in Ireland and around the world.
  9. Ask God to bless the families and communities of Ireland and to strengthen their bonds of love and support.
  10. Pray for those who are struggling or in need, especially the poor and marginalized.
  11. Pray for the Church throughout the world and for its unity and mission.
  12. Pray for the conversion of those who do not yet know Christ.
  13. Ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness for your sins and for the sins of the world.
  14. Pray for the peace and stability of Ireland and for an end to conflict and violence.
  15. Ask for God’s healing and comfort for those who are suffering.
  16. Pray for the dignity and rights of all people, especially those who are marginalized or oppressed.
  17. Pray for the protection and preservation of the natural environment.
  18. Ask for God’s blessings and support for the work of charity and service.
  19. Pray for the poor, the hungry, and those who lack basic necessities.

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