Romantic April Fool Messages For Boyfriend

Romantic April Fool Messages For Boyfriend-It’s that time of the year again, and you’re thinking of ways to joke with your partner. But when the creative juices run dry, we’re here to help you with April Fool’s messages that you can pull off right now.

Love is a roller coaster of emotions, and it’s perfectly normal to be excited in the earliest relationship phases. However, most girls enjoy teasing and playing pranks on men to add pleasure to their lives.

Even couples in long-term partnerships would say pretty unashamedly that they have committed pranks on their partners now and then. So, along with increasing the bond between the couples, pranks can disrupt the routine of a relationship.

Although it is crucial to enjoy gorgeous, special moments with your loved one, occasionally being mischievous and pranking about could magnify the excitement and laughter in your relationship.

For a healthy relationship that lasts, it’s vital to always keep your partner on his or her toes, and to stay laughing together. That’s why April Fools’ Day is a fantastic time to perform a prank you’ll both remember for years to come. We’ve collected up the top April fool messages for boyfriend that are guaranteed to get him good.

Our list of spectacular ideas includes a range of actions, from innocent and stupid to downright naughty. Some require considerable preparation, careful planning, and specific supplies, while others merely ask you to keep a straight face while you ad-lib some crucial lines.

Who said you must be beside your partner to prank them? With the help of these April Fools’ Day pranks on text that we put down for you, we’re confident you can upset them just as much as you would’ve by scaring them with a mask on. Go ahead and be annoying. Isn’t that what love is all about?

Best Romantic April Fool Messages For Boyfriend

One of the easiest ways to freak your spouse out with a message is to say something serious like, “We need to talk,” follow it up with something light, and give them a few moments of panic in the interim. “We need to talk. Call me immediately, “This is not okay” is enough to send shockwaves down your partner’s spine. “Oh god, what did I do? What happened? Did I mess up?” will probably be in their heads. When they call you, say, “We need to talk about bread. It is not okay that you adore multigrain! Garlic bread is the superior bread!” Expect them to hang up on your face, as they probably should. Word of advice: this isn’t the nicest thing to do to your lover. But then again, when have pranks ever been nice?


The next time your partner texts you, just send them a message saying, “New phone, lost contacts. Who’s this?” They’ll know you’re messing around since you wouldn’t just buy a new phone out of the blue. Nonetheless, it’s still something that will upset them to their core.


Text your lover, “You were spot on. Hydrofluoric acid can absolutely burn off my hand, ” and then disappear. Or, you could just send them a concerned text like, “No, make sure you don’t let him find out about that,” and then text, “Sorry, ignore the previous text. Not for you.” All you have to do after that is watch it all unfold. If you want to unleash full mayhem, you can even put your phone on ‘do not disturb’. If you were seeking April Fools’ pranks for your girlfriend over text, we’d propose this method.


The iPhone’s text substitution functionality allows you to give a shortcut to a phrase, so every time someone enters “lol,” it can convert into “laugh out loud.” You may also go ahead and replace the word “Hi” with “Yes, you can get my ATM pin and shop all you want.” If you want to make it confusing, go ahead and change “two” to “too” and “no” to “yes”. Watch the absolute uncertainty take over their life with a nasty laugh.


When they text you something, reply, “Welcome to Popeyes! Thanks for contacting our customer support. Please enter in 3431 to take a look at our menu. Make sure you try our all-new Crispy Prawns™ to please your taste senses. Standard text messaging fees may apply.” The problem is that you must send this SMS over and over again until they phone you in annoyance or show up to your place with Popeyes because they were hungry. We’d call that a win-win.


“There are many languages on our globe, but laughter is the language that doesn’t need translation and can be understood by everyone. Happy April Fool’s Day!”


“If laughter makes our lives longer, then April Fool’s Day is a perfect opportunity to present us with a cheerful and lengthy day full of positive emotions. Feel free to joke, and don’t get offended if someone plays tricks on you. I wish you a nice mood!”


“I believe that April Fool’s Day should become an official holiday. This is the occasion commemorating laughter and happiness, the most amazing emotion a man may experience. Enjoy this day, and don’t play sick pranks!”


“Every day, we get up in the morning and go to work, and it seems that nothing will change. It’s such a routine. But one day, we can return to our childhood and forget about dull adult life for a little while. Have fun, and a happy April Fool’s Day to you!”


“April Fool’s day is famed for its pranks and nasty jokes. But I want you to remember this day for the joy and fun it will offer you. Happy April Fool’s day!”


“Ahhh… April fools – a day of breakups, shattered hearts, bones and just plain foolish, stupid ideas… for only a person who is the pro at April fool’s day gets a chuckle, because every single one of you are his victims.. Good luck!”


“I hope this day will become a day to remember, not because you’ll get tricked, but because it will bring you many wonderful emotions. Happy April Fool’s Day!”


“We’re so busy and serious that there’s no place for childish chuckles in our existence. But sometimes, it’s absolutely vital to rest for a moment and enjoy life with humor. It’ll give your life a fresh coat of paint. Happy April Fool’s Day!”


“If today someone praises you for your excellent beauty and amazing style, kick them off and ask, how dare they trick you before April 1st.”


“This is the first day of April, and you should spend it as well as possible. If you’re in a bright and glad attitude, this mood will follow you throughout the month. Happy April Fool’s Day!”


“Why is everyone so serious? I’m tired of seeing joyless faces. Cheer up and grin because today there are no grounds for you to be so serious and stressed!”


“Attention, danger! Laughing gas is omnipresent, and you should beware. If you breathe it into your lungs, you won’t stop laughing until the end of the day. Happy April Fool’s Day!”


“Today you should be extra vigilant. Today everything rests on you, therefore you should decide whether you will be tricked or you’ll create fools out of them!”


“Today, I hope you will have humorous jokes and make everyone around you grin and laugh. You’re pretty good at it. Happy April Fool’s Day!”


“I loathe this day! I’ve been a victim of cruel jokes countless times already! They sprayed me with a bucket of cold water, shredded my clothes and shattered my leg! But despite my helpless position, I’m still able to jest. Ha-ha, happy April Fool’s day, guy!”


“I like April Fool’s Day, because it makes me smile and chuckle. The only reason why I dislike this day is that your jokes are always better than mine. How do you do it, man? Ha-ha, just kidding… There are no jokes better than mine.”


“I’m confident nobody will escape your fantastic sense of humor today. Make them laugh so hard that they would remember this day for the rest of the year! Happy April Fool’s day!”


“It’s impossible to be boring and grumpy when spring is everywhere! I hope you spend this great sunny day laughing with your friends and family and enjoying the atmosphere!”


“April Fool’s Day is a terrific reason to be less serious and become carefree children to some extent. I wish you a bunch of humorous and nasty pranks today!”


“Today is April Fool’s Day, but no one should feel like a fool. This is the day for laughter, joy, and hilarious, but not disgusting, jokes… By the way, do you remember where we buried the corpse when we got drunk at that party last week?”


“April Fool’s day is when you can play tricks on everyone as much as you like, unless someone among them would play a trick on you. Be on guard and don’t let them take away your crown of the King of jokes!”


“Everyone enjoys fantastic jokes and a wonderful sense of humor. Now is the day when we can demonstrate our talent and make our nearest and dearest laugh brightly. Happy April Fool’s Day!”


“I may forget to wish you on your birthday, Christmas, or even New Year’s Day. But I am very glad to God that I never forget to wish you on this unique day dedicated to people like you. Happy April Fool’s!”


“You can laugh all day long, and nobody will think you’re insane. You can make fun of your friends and family, but nobody will be insulted. That’s the beauty of this day. I wish you a nice mood and many humorous jokes!”


“Hey, ever thought of the greatest day to propose to a girl. It’s merely April 1- U Know Why?? If she accepts you are lucky, and if it’s the other way round -just tell her April Foooool!!!”


“We have known each other for so long. Don’t you think we can be more than just friends? Because I genuinely love you, I need you to stay by me. Will you be my partner in a bank robbery? Happy April Fool’s Day!”


“Listen, mate… I need to tell you something really important. I know it seems ridiculous, but I’ve been in love with you all these years. What’s even crazier is that… you have been tricked! Happy April Fools’, you freak! You have been pranked!”


“Are you ready to be pranked by the best prankster in the whole world? I can’t wait to see your expression when you realize that your back is indeed white. Happy April Fools’, mate!”


“I hope you are ready for my pranks because I have planned some wonderful stuff for you, buddy. I hope you’ll survive this day and have no significant injuries. Happy April Fools’ Day, mate!”


“Sometimes we don’t need any specific reason to grin. We grin only because we feel fine. So may your life be filled with laughter and joy all year round!”


“Today the doctor told me I was ill and there was nothing that could assist me. I’m dying… Dying laughing! Ha-ha! Happy April Fool’s day!”


“April Fool’s Day is a great celebration because nothing extraordinary happened on this day, yet we are all cheerful and happy. Well, that’s right since happiness doesn’t need any justification.”


“Your mom told me you are spending time with your other best friend. What does that mean? Do you have additional friends? I’m not happy about it. We need to talk ASAP. Also, merry April Fools.”


“Happy April Fools to the craziest kid I know. But I enjoy it because I’m strange, too. We are a match made in heaven, I guess. Do you want to prank someone and get in trouble? I’m down for it. Just text me, and I’ll be on my way.”


“Listen, I think I’m ready to confess. I fell in love with you the instant I saw you. I know you are my friend, but I simply can’t help it… I’m joking, you weirdo! Happy April Fools’!”


“Prepare for a bunch of hilarious jokes and creative pranks because it’s April Fools’ Day! You can’t escape my amazing evil intellect, so don’t even attempt it. I can’t wait to visit you and show you what real pranks look like.”


“You are very blessed to have me since I’m the only person who can stop you from getting pranked every second of this day. For the record, your back is not white and will never be. Happy April Fools’ Day!”


“I am the greatest joke this earth has ever made, so I don’t think you’ll see anything funny in my life today. I hope you’re laughing now because we both know that making fun of me is the best thing in the world. Happy April Fools’ Day!”


“Your mom called me and reported that you’ve been acting funny recently. She said I can’t talk to you about that, but what the hell man? Do you want to hear what she told me? That you have been pranked, buddy! Happy April Fools’!”


“Hey bestie, I’ve just discovered that you are the most precious item I have ever had. Thus, I would like to sell you and get rich. I know that you want the best for me, and you won’t mind. Thanks!”


“You’re not going to believe what just occurred to me! I’ve just seen your famous crush and he handed me his number! We’re heading out tonight. Anyway, happy April Fools!”


“Yes, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday, I probably missed to text you on Christmas as well, but I will never fail to text you on April Fools Day. This day was made for you, pal. Enjoy every second of it.”


“You are not allowed to trick me today. I know you adore April Fools, but I swear our friendship will be over if you do something stupid. Am I joking? I don’t know. Try me, and we’ll see.”


“Yes, this is my favorite day of the year, and I’m proud of that. Does it make me the biggest moron in the world? Probably. But I’m delighted that I have the second biggest fool as my best friend, and we shall enjoy April Fools together.”


“Can you speak “Coca Cola” without your lips touching? Try it, I bet you cannot. Did you do that? You don’t need lips to say it, you moron. You just got pranked, buddy. Happy April Fools!”


“On this lovely day, thank you for showing me that I’m not the stupidest man on the earth. I highly appreciate it, mate. Just kidding! But you have to realize that we could be smarter.”


“It’s your professional holiday again! Happy April Fools, buddy. I hope you will feel better knowing that you are not alone, there are people just like you, and this day was made for you.”


“You are the inspiration for everyone on this beautiful day. April Fools was meant for you. You represent this day; you are the official face of this day. Thank you for being a true role model.”      


“I simply wanted to remark that you are the most beautiful human I’ve ever seen. I can’t keep it a secret anymore. There’s something else I wanted to tell you… Happy April Fools!”


“This year, March has been prolonged by 24 hours to avoid April 1. So, don’t be worried. No one is going to make a fool of you this year.”


“Breaking News! Scientists have confirmed the outbreak of a new virus that may infect people of all ages globally starting at the beginning of April this year. Once afflicted by the virus, sufferers cannot sleep without closing their eyes. Be very careful!”


“Surviving April 1st is easy. Just be yourself, and it’s all the same as the other 364 days! By the way, did you know the celebration of April 1st this year has been postponed owing to the covid19 pandemic?”


“I have this feeling. I can’t exactly pinpoint it. Maybe it’s a feeling telling me we are not working out. I’m sorry. Because you just got duped. April Fools.”


“I am getting married. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been duped. April fools, my sweetheart. I love you!”

Other Unique Romantic April Fool ideas for your Boyfriend

If he dislikes a particular animal, it will irk him quite a bit in the beginning. Tell him you went to your local shelter and could not help but adopt an animal. You can also show him photographs to check his reaction. Try hoaxing your partner with this innocent prank and enjoy his response when he discovers it’s all in good fun. Keep the joke a little. Do it for fun, and if you sense your lover losing his rage, give away the truth before the situation gets out of hand.


Try deceiving him by putting a fake spill on his laptop or his favorite rug? Take some white glue and use color to resemble the spill. For instance, red can resemble a spilled-over nail polish bottle, and brown can be used for coffee. Then, turn your chosen dish over to wax or a plastic surface so that it dries out completely. Carefully lift it and place it on the rug or a laptop to make it seem like something has spilt over.


It is time to change the ingredients if he has a favorite food. Tell them you have their favorite dish on the menu for lunch, and then proceed to make it by swapping a couple of the ingredients. Remember the presentation because it will make or break your whole idea of this prank. Have fun humoring your boyfriend with this mischievous prank he won’t see coming. When he tries to eat it, record his reaction.


If your boyfriend loves to snack and has a bunch of favorite snacks stored in the kitchen cupboard, swap them with something they despise. Tell them you are on your “fitness journey” and throwing out unhealthy snacks.


If your boyfriend treasures his car more than the rest of his things, then this prank is the one. Tell them you want to go for a grocery run and your car is at the service center. Take your time, borrow his car, and hide your car where they wouldn’t spot it in plain sight. Go to your boyfriend directly in an agitated manner and tell him you have crashed the car. Try to find an old steering wheel from a scrap yard and show it to him. Enjoy the fun.


Change each of the clocks to a couple of hours early and start your morning routine without any hesitation. Adjust the clocks to 4 or 5 a.m., get up, and do everything as usual. Your boyfriend will be incoherent because it would be hard for him to understand why it’s so dark out, yet the time is 7. Try to act normally and see how long it takes them to comprehend this prank.


Tell your boyfriend you have shaved your head and eyebrows for a fresh look. It would be quite hysterical to see their reaction. Instead, you can use social media filters, take snaps, and send them to him.


Any heirloom that has been in the family for generations holds much value, so pretend you have lost a valuable family heirloom. For instance, it could be a necklace from his great-grandmother or his aunt’s ring. See how they react to it, and you can laugh when he realizes it was a prank all along.


Install a screen guard resembling a cracked screen on their phone and computer after sleep. So, they will be horrified to see it when they wake up.

If your boyfriend is tech-savvy and relies on Alexa to take care of most of his things, the best way to prank him would be to override all the commands on his Alexa. The app on his phone is the key to changing all the commands, so it will be quite the opposite when he tries to do something. Making him scratch his head and seeing him try to figure out what went wrong will be quite amusing.