Remembrance Death Anniversary Prayer Quotes for My Late Son

Son Death Anniversary Prayer – Grieving the loss of a child is one of the most difficult experiences a parent can endure because the pain of such a deep loss is indescribable.

As parents, we may find comfort in praying on the anniversary of our beloved son’s death because the Bible teaches us that prayer can be a source of strength and comfort; as written in Psalm 34:18 states “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”.

These prayers will provide an opportunity to remember our son and express our love for him, even though he’s no longer physically with us.

Wondering what to say on your son’s death anniversary? Worry no more, For you, we made this collection of, emotional son death anniversary prayers that you can use to bless your son’s soul on the day of his remembrance.

It’s our hope that as you remember your son and pray on his death anniversary, may you find peace in the knowledge that your dear son is safe in the arms of our loving God. 

Son Death Anniversary Prayer

My son, although you are not here, I am grateful to God for providing me with the best son while he was on earth, I do hope that God in heaven will comfort you as always. Rest on son till we meet to never part ways.

Today, as we mark the one-year anniversary of the passing of my beloved son, my heart is heavy with grief and sadness. Even so, I fondly remember the joy and love he brought to this family throughout his life. I pray that his spirit will live on forever in our hearts.

Taking all that you did into account, It is no doubt that you really cheated death and will forever be remembered among the people you had that much unreal influence on. Rest on in heaven, my son we miss you!

Since you went to be with the lord, our lives have never been the same, we cry all the time, some days we do nothing but mourn your absence and wish we can have you back even if it’s for a day. Wherever you are, I hope you find peace!


Dearly beloved son, I miss all of the times we shared. Not only had I lost my son, but I had also lost my best friend. I miss you terribly! Please make sure to have a wonderful day in heaven!

Knowing that I would not see you again does leave me in tears and I can barely shrug it off. I wish the lord can bring you down for us as we honor your death anniversary today! Rest in my most handsome son.

To my son, I am certain you can see and hear me from up above. I remember you today being 1 year ever since you gave up the ghost to be with the lord, believe me when I say it’s so sad to know we can no longer spend time together. I miss you, my handsome late angel.

I still can’t understand why you chose to abandon your family here on earth and choose to be with the lord in this early stage of your life. We all miss you here, I hope you find comfort with the lord!

Lord, I beseech You to bring peace to my family’s aching hearts as we honor our beloved son on this sorrowful day. I implore You to provide us with the wisdom and strength to carry on without him.

As we honor the anniversary of my dear SOn’s passing today, I pray for comfort and healing for our broken hearts during this difficult time. May we find peace knowing that he is now safe in God’s loving arms. May we get the needed love and support to help us get through these trying times? AMEN!

1st Year Death Anniversary Prayer Quotes For Son

Son Death Anniversary Prayer
Son Death Anniversary Prayer

We mourn my little son, who passed from this world to meet the Lord a few months/years ago. His absence weighs heavy upon us, and yet we cling to the faith, hope, and courage that we pray will be renewed by his memory.

On this day (years) years ago, I lost my darling son to the cold grip of death. My heart is so heavy with grief and sorrow, but I take comfort in knowing that he is now in a better place. I pray that his memory will be a blessing to us all and that we’ll find strength in our faith as we remember him fondly.

My wonderful son, today being your death anniversary, I am using this opportunity to ask the Lord God for the grace to be thankful for the time spent together. I pray that you shall find eternal peace in his bosom. AMEM!

As I mourn your death today my dear son who went to be with the lord so soon, I Pray for the comfort of knowing that you’ll forever be in our hearts and never be forgotten. I hope you have a smile up there in heaven.

My son, I miss you so much, ever since you left I have always missed you and wish I can have you back even if it’s for a day, Today being your death anniversary, I use this means to ask the Lord for the assurance that you are safe in the arms of the Lord.

Losing you have being the toughest reality I have had to accept in my entire years of existence, every day I still pray to GOD that he gives me the strength needed to keep living and find joy in life. I miss you, son. Have a great day in Paradises.

When I gave birth to you, all I said was, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect kid. Parents didn’t need anything more in a son than you. Since you departed, I have tried to be someone you can be proud of every day. My little daddy’s boy will always be you. son, I adore you.

Oh Lord, I beseech You to grant me the wisdom to navigate the sorrowful path of mourning for my beloved son, who is now in Your heavenly kingdom. May Your grace bestow my heart with love and optimism in this trying time.

God, as I mourn on this day that marks my son’s passing, I find comfort in knowing that his life on this earth is not the end, but the start of an eternity spent in Your loving presence. AMEN!

O Lord, I beseech You to grant me the courage and strength to persevere through this difficult time of grief and uncertainty, and the conviction to trust in Your divine will regarding the eternal life of my beloved son, now in Your care.

Son Death Anniversary Quotes From Dad/Mom

To my wonderful son, I know you have been gone for (DEATH DURATION) but I am certain that you are so happy and at peace in heaven with the lord. It’s my prayer that the Lord will forever continue to watch over you. AMEN!

I recall how delighted your mother and I were when you first entered the world and how pleased we used to be every time we celebrated you. It’s so sad that death took you away from us. I pray the lord gives you comfort!

On this difficult second anniversary of my son’s passing, Lord, I come to You with a heavy heart and so many requests. Most of all, I beseech You for the strength to endure another year of life without my beloved son, and the assurance that You are ever-present in my life.

To my son in heaven more than I can ever put into words, I love and miss you. I sincerely wish you were present so that I could introduce you to my friends. I’ll never fail to keep my word to you. I really hope you always enjoy yourself!

God in heaven, I plead that Your comfort will permeate the hearts of all who cherished my son and that Your mercy will mend any anguish or resentment that may have arisen from his departure. Blessings to you my son.

Oh Lord, We ask that You grant us the strength to bravely face each day without the presence of our beloved son. May we find the courage to live on with intention and optimism. And wherever our son may be, we ask that you bestow upon him a sense of your serenity and grace.

On this day a few months/years ago, my darling son departed this world, Father. I implore You to grant me the strength to forgive those who may have inadvertently caused my son pain or harm, and the wisdom to find solace and purpose in his passing.

My son, It’s your death anniversary today, I know you are sitting in the right hand of God and enjoying your birthday in heaven. I hope the angels and elders in heaven will make today worthwhile for you. I miss you so much, dear!

My son would have clocked (son’s AGE) today and I’ve never been more proud! I’m actually immensely blessed to once have you as part of this beautiful family. I wish you my son a very happy place in heaven.