Top 10 High-Demand Jobs in Canada for Degree Holders


The labor market in Canada is still changing and adjusting to the occasionally perplexing realities of the new year. Even though COVID-19 is now considered endemic, the pandemic’s economic effects are still felt by businesses of all sizes and job seekers alike. The majority of experts believe that in 2024, following a period of high inflation, Canada and a large portion of the world will undergo a recession.


For job seekers, whether they are starting their careers or are looking to shift careers, all of these have produced a stressful environment. Canada is an exciting and fulfilling place for people who want to further their careers in an atmosphere that values innovation, diversity, and a high standard of living. This post shows the best-paid occupations in Canada for 2024 and the other available career options.

Canada’s Top 10 Jobs for International Students

Career opportunities in Canada offer exceptional earning potential in the next five to ten years as businesses need more personnel. According to Statistics Canada, there were 4.7% more job openings in Canada in the second quarter of 2022.


The top positions in Canada for international students are as follows:

1. Petroleum Engineer

One of the greatest jobs in Canada is that of a petroleum engineer. Your job as a petroleum engineer is to design and implement methods for removing fossils and oil from the deep earth.
A profession in petroleum engineering is regarded as one of the highest paying in Canada, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a position where their income might be on a level with that of a doctor. Among the career opportunities are Project, production, and process engineers.

2. Surgeon

Becoming a surgeon may be a challenging path. But once you graduate from college, you can apply for some of the greatest professions in Canada. Highest-paying professions in general surgery, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, thoracic surgery, and plastic and vascular surgery are among the career options.

3. Support and IT Manager

As an IT support specialist, you will advise and help every computer user in a business or organization. Because more and more people prefer to work from home using their computers and other devices, there is a growing demand for IT specialists. As a result, this career path offers some of Canada’s greatest professions.

Jobs like IT consultant, IT specialist, and IT administrator are among the in-demand career alternatives. Nearly 1,000 positions for IT managers, 2,000 for IT consultants, 3,000 for IT professionals, and 28 for administrators are available right now.

4. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager’s responsibilities are to enhance the value of a company’s product and supervise all advertisements pertaining to the company’s offerings. Additionally, you ensure that the company’s product pleases the intended market, which fosters brand recognition.

Among the career paths available are SEO, market research, and market analysis. There are 42 SEO analyst positions, over 2,000 marketing manager jobs, over 334 market researcher jobs, and over 3,000 market analyst jobs.


5. Attorney

A lawyer’s duties include giving their client legal advice and supervising the delivery of any required court documents. In every country, being a lawyer is an honor. Nevertheless, Canada is a compelling choice if you’d like to study law abroad. Senior attorney, litigation associate, and attorney are among the career opportunities.

6. Sales Manager

One of the top occupations in Canada is that of a sales manager. As a professional in this industry, you must create and implement effective plans and strategies, such as budgeting, to enhance revenue. In addition, you oversee a group of knowledgeable and skilled sales representatives. The career opportunities include being a customer relationship officer, sales agent, and business development manager.

Canada presently employs more than 5,000 sales managers. An annual compensation of 90,441 CAD is typical for a sales manager. The following is a list of requirements for work in this field: It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, or a similar field.
exceptional communication skills both in writing and speaking.

7. Human Resources Manager

Recruiting, onboarding, and meeting the needs of exceptional employees are the duties of an HR manager. In Canada, the demand for human resources experts has always been significant.
A degree in business management with a concentration on human resources (HR) may help you land a career as a human resources (HR) officer, recruitment (recruiting) officer, or in a related role.

8. Dentists

The dental field is in great demand. Grads in this sector have the potential to earn large sums of money. A dentist is a dental surgeon who focuses on keeping teeth healthy.
One of the best careers in Canada is dentistry. A group of dental technicians, assistants, and therapists support these specialists.

9. Pilot

Someone who specializes in operating aircraft is called an aviator or pilot. This includes flight navigation and flight engineering as well. Being a flight instructor, captain, and helicopter pilot are among the career opportunities.

10. Software Engineer

An expert who creates websites and apps is known as a software developer.
A booming digital economy has created many chances for computer employees to relocate to Canada.

Web designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, software engineers, and software developers are among the career paths available to them.


Finding the finest employment in Canada for overseas students may be simple, given the country’s wealth of opportunities. You must select your field of interest, do your homework on Canadian colleges, and then enroll in the course of study that best suits your aptitudes, interests, and experience.

Remember that there will probably be many applicants with comparable qualifications, so highlight the abilities that will benefit the organization most on your resume to make it stand out.