Happy New Year Prayer And Blessing For My Kids To Have A Great Year

New Year Prayer for My Children – New Year’s Eve/day is a time when religious people pray for the new year to be good and align in their best favor. During this time, most parents take their time to pray for their children to be safe, sound and have a prosperous new year ahead.

As parents, There are various things you can do for your kid(s) on new year’s Day, some of which include, sending them a new year wishes message, taking them to their favorite place on the new year, or gifting them a new year gift for children, etc.

Regardless of which one you choose to do, you should always include the prayer for the new year for children In hopes that in the new year, God will protect them, bless them, and make them prosperous.

If you are on this page because you want a new year prayer for children that you can decree to God on their behalf or copy, edit to your taste, and send to them as a children’s prayer message for the new year, then you have come to the right place.

For you, I have put together this collection of kids’ prayers for the new year that you can choose from to decree good things into the life of your kids. Scroll down, and choose the one that seems ideal for you!

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New Year Prayer for Kids 2023

My beloved kid, I pray that May this New Year brings to you all of your heart’s desires and may each day be better than the last. May peace, love, and joy fill your heart and home with happiness. Have a great year, ahead!

Dear Lord, On behalf of my kids, I come to you this New Year with thankfulness and hope. I am grateful for all the blessings you have given my kids in the past year and I pray that you will continue to bless them in the coming year.

Heavenly Father, As we approach the beginning of a new year once more, For my kids, I pray that you will fill their hearts with gladness and joys of this season so that they may have a happy new year.

Here comes another new year, Kord I am here in your presence on behalf of my kids, I pray that you guide them, teach them your ways, and help them to discover who they are in this coming year. Blessed new year to my kids!

To my lovely kid who is a representative of the lord, as we are about to step into the new year I pray for you that May your days be filled with hope and peace of the lord. I wish you a glorious new year ahead.

Please, Lord, I ask that you grant my kids quality of life, bliss, and general well-being in the upcoming year. in order for them to lead a life that is pleasing to you at the end of the year.

Lord because you said it is finished when you died on the cross of Calvary, I come to you asking that in any form my kids may have come short of your glory in 2022, may you forgive them of their sins and wash them clean.

Abba father as we approach the new year, which will also birth a new academic session, Lord, I pray that you will give my kids a retentive memory so that all through the academic session and beyond they will remember all they have been taught.

To my Dear kids, I am so proud of you and all that you have achieved in the past year. I can’t wait to see what you will do in the coming year. I pray that your future is filled with love, delight, and success.

Notwithstanding the potential pitfalls that are present in the world, I raise my head to look to the heavens in the new year and pray for my children that this year will be their biggest and best one yet. Happy and prosperous new year to my kids.

New Year Prayer for My Children

New Year Prayer for My Children
New Year Prayer for My Children

I may have so much to Pray for you about, but firstly My prayer for you is that your life will be full of God’s blessings and that all your days in the new year will be highly favored. Have a wonderful new year dear child!

In this new year, my dear son, I pray that you will blossom like the tree planted by the riverside and water by the lord. May all that you do in 2023 be fruitful always. Have a prosperous new year my child.

My dear child, May all that you will do in 2023 be prosperous, and may everything you lay your hands on in 2023 bring joy, blessings, and happiness. Have a blessed year ahead!

2023 is here already, I don’t care what 2022 was like for you, I set my gaze to heaven and ask the lord God to crown each and every one of your efforts with great success in 2023. AMEN!

On this New Year’s Eve, I pray to the Lord on behalf of my adorable children that they would never experience any adversities or wickedness of evil and that they will remain healthy throughout the year. AMEN!

Oh, my God I ask that you please effectively give my kids the best possible comfort and well-being in the upcoming year. Protect my children from all harm and teach them to treat others with kindness. Amen

As we are closer to the new year oh lord, I join forces with the host of heaven and ask that May our children be surrounded by love and peace throughout the year, and may they always feel safe in your loving care. Amen.

Dear Lord, please bless my children with health and happiness. Please keep them safe from any danger and make sure they are always on the right path. Amen.

In this new year, Lord I pray for my wonderful children, that they will have everything they need to grow up strong mentally, physically, spiritually, and in all forms of life. AMEN!

I pray for my children in this coming year. that may they be exposed to a greater opportunity and that this year e a channel to lead them to a greater future that will be as bright as the light of GOD.

Son Prayer for New Year

To the comforter of all children, In the wake of this new year, I pray that you bless my son and help him to grow into the person that you created him to be. Help him to see your love in everything that he does and help him to become more like Jesus.

My dear son, we, your parents are wishing you all the best for this coming year and every day after! We pray that you will enjoy all God’s blessings this year, AMEN!

Dear son, I hope you’re doing well. I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and pray for your success in the year ahead. I pray that you will have all the resources you need to live a happy life. Dad and mom love you so much!

Dear lord, I pray for my son in this new year that he will follow the path shown by his conscience always remembering that he is never alone because God is with them every step of the way. Have a great 2023 son!

My son, I pray for your safety in this world and hope that you always find your way to the light. I pray that you will always have a sense of wonder in your heart and never lose hope in humanity. Have a lovely year ahead! AMEN!

In this forthcoming year, my son, I pray that every challenge you face will be met with optimism and courage. And I pray that all of your dreams will come true. Happy New Year!

As we make it into the new year, I go to my knees in prayer for my son, I decree that he will have good health, happiness, and peace of mind in this new year. I pray that they will always remember to thank God for all his blessings to him. AMEN!

Wonderful son, I hope that you will be blessed with all the nice things in life in the upcoming year. I sincerely hope you lead a stress-free life. I hope and pray that you will always find strength, advancement, and a sense of peace In all that you do. AMEN!

It comes as no surprise that I am extremely proud to be your mother or father and to have you as my son. As a result, I pray that the Lord would make you proud of yourself this upcoming year and help you to accomplish all of your goals for the year.

Regardless of how you may have sinned against God in 2022 or how you may sin against him during 2023, my son, I pray that the Lord would continue to pardon you for your transgressions and keep giving you the grace to live sin-free. AMEN!

Prayer for New Year for Daughter

Love, Daughter I ask God to sustain you and ensure your security in the upcoming year. I hope you may open yourself to the world and discover harmony in your life. I pray you have a lovely new year and are surrounded by those that love you.

Happy New Year, my little angel. As we embark on this new year’s journey,  I wish you blessings of faith, honor, gratitude, and goodwill. I fervently hope you will be content and prosper in life. AMEN!

My dear daughter, I offer up prayers for your well-being and safety against all negative things. You may further blossom into a confident, brave woman as you become older. You are a wonderful person, and I am happy for you every day.

Beloved daughter, Your life will be filled with benefits and joys in the new year, I pray. Stay always joyful and healthy. May all of your hopes come true in the upcoming year!

Dearest daughter, Even though I always pray for you, at midnight of the new year, I declare that you will continue to be a benefit to the entire world and also that the year ahead will be magnificent for you.

Oh dear lord, I pray that my daughter will have a happy and peaceful new year filled with fresh starts, optimism, and restoration. I ask that you give her every wish of her heart. I ask that you bless my daughter this New Year with your love. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Gorgeous daughter, On this new year’s Day, I pray that you’ll be blessed with all that life has to offer. I hope and pray for love and happiness for you in the future. Greetings of the season to you, my angel!

My dear daughter, For every one of us, January ushers in a brand-new year. Which is an opportunity for each person to start again and a new beginning. I hope and pray that the upcoming year will be filled with delight, love, laughter, peace, and wealth.

You are the best daughter in the world, I love you more than words can say, and I am very proud of everything you accomplished in the past year despite all the difficulties. May your wishes come true in the coming year, and may you be happy always!

Beloved daughter, I pray that you will grow closer to God and to your objectives in the next year. As we welcome the New Year together, I wish you all the best and hope it will enable you to spend more time with those who will always cherish you.