Good Night Prayer and Blessings for Her to Wake Up to


good night prayer for her – As the night falls, it is important to take a moment to thank God for the blessings of the day and seek His guidance and protection as we rest. It is even more special to extend this gesture to our loved ones, especially our girlfriends or wives.

The Bible reminds us in Psalm 4:8 that we can lie down and sleep in peace, for the Lord alone makes us dwell in safety.

Therefore, by saying a good night prayer for her, we are not only expressing our love and care, but we are also entrusting her to the hands of the Almighty, knowing that He will watch over her throughout the night.

Sending out these good night prayers for her on a daily basis will be vital to both of you, however, we understand that coming up with these prayers might pose to be a challenge, But it’s not one to worry about.

For you, we’ve made a collection of good night prayer texts for her that you can use as a guide to bless your girlfriend/wife every night in hopes that she will have a wonderful night’s rest.

Good Night Prayer for Her

good night prayer for her
good night prayer for her

Lord Almighty, I am before you once again tonight to pray for the night’s rest of my darling girlfriend/wife, Heavenly Father, I pray that my girlfriend/wife will have a peaceful night’s sleep, free from any worry or anxiety. Amen. Good night my love.

To the most beautiful sweetheart ever, It’s my prayer that as you will go to sleep tonight may the Lord God and His angels watch over you and keep you safe from the terror of the night. Have a peaceful sleep, my Lady.

Lord God Almighty, Tonight as my girlfriend/wife is looking to retire to bed, I ask that you would calm any fears or doubts that may be troubling her heart and mind. Amen, Hallelujah!


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My dear girlfriend, As you prepare to sleep tonight, I decree that May you wake up tomorrow morning feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on the day with renewed strength. In Jesus’ name, I pray. AMEN!

My lover, I pray that God will bless you with restful sleep and ease your burden. May His peace be with you as you drift off to sleep and may His grace bring you strength and courage in the morning. Good night dear.

My cuppy cake, I pray that the Lord will bless your sleep and provide a peaceful rest from the burdens of the day. May He lighten your load and bring healing to your body, mind, and spirit. Good night and may God’s love be with you always.

As we are about to enter the dark part of the day, My honey, I pray that you’ll experience the peace that surpasses all understanding this night, and may you find rest in the Lord’s presence. Goodnight and may God bless you.

To the one that makes me smile, It’s my prayer that the Lord God will bless you with sweet dreams and a restful night’s sleep so that you can wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to face whatever the day brings. Good night and sweet dreams.

Goodnight my heartthrob. It’s my wish that the Lord’s loving presence watch over you and surround you with His peace and protection as you rest tonight. May He fill your heart with His love, comfort, and joy as you drift off to sleep. Good night, and may you be blessed.

Hey sweetheart, Here comes another night and my prayer is that the peace of God shall fill your heart with joy and peace as you rest tonight. Wishing you a good night and sweet dreams.

Prayer Good Night Message for Her

May God bless you with restful sleep. May He heal any physical or emotional pain that you are suffering, and give you strength to overcome any challenges you may be facing. May He give you peace and hope for the future. Good night and God bless.

My Loving Princess, I decree tonight that God’s love and comfort be with you tonight and fill your heart with peace while you rest. May He bless you with sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

My love Here is to wishing you a restful night of peaceful slumber, may you wake up feeling renewed and refreshed, with a sense of purpose and direction for the day ahead. May the morning light bring you clarity and courage to face whatever comes your way, and may you have a beautiful day full of joy and love. Good night and sweet dreams!

Good night to my QUEEN. May you feel the deep love and acceptance that I have for you as you sleep tonight. May the grace and mercy of God surround you and fill you with peace. Sleep well, my love, and know that I am here for you always. Good night and blessings.

May the Lord guide your steps, direct your path, and bless you with a peaceful night’s rest. May you wake up with a renewed sense of purpose and direction, and may the Lord be with you throughout the day. Good night and blessings to you.

Lord in heaven, On this night I pray for my girlfriend before she heads to sleep asking that you’ll fill her up with God’s peace and joy as she sleeps, knowing that you are always with her and will never leave her. May she rest in the assurance of your presence tonight? Amen.

My love as you are about to lay to sleep, I pray that the Lord God shall fill your dreams with thoughts of our love, and cause you to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed for another day in our journey together. Good night dear.

God, please let my girlfriend/wife feel the depth of my love as she closes her eyes tonight, and may she know that I will always stand by her through thick and thin.

May the warmth of my love surround you and fill your heart with joy as you drift off to sleep tonight. May you be reminded of the endless affection I have for you and may it bring you comfort and peace. Sweet dreams, my love.

Heavenly Father, I pray that my girlfriend/wife knows that she is never alone and that she feels the warmth of my love and your protection as she sleeps tonight.