Prayer For Monday Before Work to Have a Productive Day And Week

Preparing to head to work on a Monday morning is not all that rosy and carrying yourself to get prepared for what has always seemed to be a busy day (The Monday) can be quite difficult.

As a Christian, It is ideal to take full advantage of the new week to pray for yourself, your colleague, your boss, your employer, etc as you head to work in hope that the work day will be a blessed one with fewer challenges to deal with.

Coming up with a prayer for Monday work should be something you could do with ease, but in a situation where you would be needing some idea or a well-composed prewritten Monday prayer for work then you have come to the right place.

This article is a collection of Monday morning prayers for work that you can use as a framework to come up with a prayer for yourself on a Monday morning before work, on the other hand, you can send it to others or post it on your social media timeline.

Scroll down and choose the one that is best for you!

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Monday Prayer for Work

Dear God, I pray for work today as I prepare to head to work this Monday morning, please Help me to do my best and help me to get the best out of myself. Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers!

Oh lord as I am heading out to my work office this Monday, please give me the patience and strength to get through this day and the week with a smile on my face. In Jesus’ name, I pray, AMEN!

On this Monday as I put everything in place to get myself ready for the hectic work that is ahead I pray for productivity, positivity, and everything good that the week has to offer.

Today is another Monday, a new day, and the first day of a new week. I pray that this day will be a channel that will usher me into a new week full of greatness and wonderment. AMEN!

To my amazing friend, As you plan to head to work this morning, I pray that the lord in his infinite grace will immerse you with his mercy so that you would complete all of your work tasks with ease.

Father lord as I and my colleague prepare to get to work today, I cancel every injury that will come our way at work no power of the enemies shall prevail. AMEN!

My Father my Father, as I prepare to face work this Monday please Give me the ability to connect with people today in a way that opens doors for them and invites them into Your kingdom in Jesus’ name. Amen

On this new day of a new week, my prayer for you is that the lord will always protect your going out and coming in, May you never know any know in and around your work office. AMEN!

Monday Morning Prayer for Work

Monday Prayer for Work
Monday Prayer for Work

It’s Monday, and despite the fact that I have a lot to pray for you about, I’ll start by wishing that all of your efforts at work starting now will be completely successful. I pray for God’s blessings on you!

Greetings, a colleague I am aware that since you began, this task has never been advantageous to you in any manner, and therefore today I am praying to the hosts of heaven in the hopes that starting this Monday, you will immediately begin to enjoy this work.

Father today is another Monday, the beginning of a new week, I pray that you bless the works of my hand and bring me customers who would not hesitate to do business with me. Blessed Monday wishes.

Today presents itself as another to be blessed at work. To my heavenly lord who makes things easy for his children when they least expect, I pray you to bless my work today and forever. AMEN!

My God, I pray that on this Monday may you give me the strength to overpower whatever weight the work might want to throw on me. I ask for your multiple blessings on this workday.

I  understand that Mondays are always incredibly busy and hectic days, therefore lord, I ask that you Bless me with good working conditions and help me to do my best at work. Help me to get the best out of today.

As you go about your work today, My dearest brother, I pray that you will have enough time to enjoy life this week and keep your mind at peace. Makes sure to enjoy every bit of the work you will be involved in this week.

Dear Lord, please bless my work with your loving watchful care. While at work on this Monday, I pray May I be a blessing to others today, and may my words and actions bring joy. Work blessings I pray, Amen.

Prayer for New Week Work

Work can become boring on most days and Mondays are the worst days to get to work, but as you prepare to work your ass off today just to make ends meet I pray the good Lord continues to guide your steps, may your dreams come true, and may all the joys of life be yours.

Lord, I am aware that work on Monday is daunting which is why I am here in prayer to ask that With your help this day would be the start of a productive week for me, my colleagues, and my employers.

Considering that today is my very first Monday back at work, Lord, I just ask that this position you had already given me become a gift to my soul and also that my coworkers and employer be an absolutely gorgeous collection of people.

Dear God Here is another Monday, a day of work resumption after the weekend. I pray that In your blessings you will bless me today as I go to work so that your name will be lifted up amongst men.

Dear friend, Please accept my humble Monday new week prayer for an excellent message for you. This week is a great opportunity to learn new things, improve your skills and make progress in your work. AMEN!

Dear colleague, As we start Monday morning, I pray that this day goes well with the work that we have to do. I hope each of you manages to save some time for yourself and spend it on what you need the most.

Today is yet another Monday to ask the lord to shield us from the struggles of this week so we can find some peace at last. I wish each of us at work a productive and successful day and week ahead.

To my amazing coworker. My prayer for you is that real soon you’ll be surprised how everything will begin to work in your favor. Your diligence and consistency at work will pay off. You will realize how your current situation was only leading you to a blessing. Best wishes on a Monday!

New Week Work Blessings

Whenever you feel down at work always remind yourself of gods favor upon your life and make sure to Stay optimistic and grateful. I pray for God’s healing upon you this Monday morning and may the remainder of your week be blessed.

Here comes another Monday and I want to remind you that The hard work starts when your prayers are answered and you have to prove that you’re actually ready for them.

Lord, it is no news that I have always struggled to get anything done on Monday mornings Hence I submit to you today with a prayer for Monday’s work In the hope that IT might help me get through the day.

My good friend it’s no doubt that you work so hard and deserve all the best, Therefore I offer a prayer for you this Monday morning that the lord will reward you bountifully.

As I head home today, My God I want to thank you for making today’s work a success and thank you that there was no record of hazard or injury of any sort. Thanks for guiding me all through.

Monday is upon us once more, Lord, I beseech that you help me to serve others at work in a way that’s generous and kind, even when it’s hard. Give me the strength to endure all storms!

I pray oh lord, that on this Monday, may you bless my work beyond measure, may you uplift me in what I do, and may I get rewards that would exceed my expectations!

Jesus the son of God, I want to Thank you for this Monday morning. I know that I will spend the day working hard to make a difference in your world. As I go about my day, please be with me, guide my steps, and bless all that I will today and beyond!

Work Place Prayer

As we open up to yet another Monday, Lord, I send my petition to you that you Help me to do my best work so that I can please you and make a difference in someone’s life today.

I know today is Monday which means yet another day to work my ass out, Lord May I find comfort in you, May your love be my refuge, and may I find power through your Holy Spirit. Amen!

my heavenly father, as I bend down to pray to you this morning,  I am already sincerely thanking you for the good fortune I will still have to experience today as I go about my work. Bless me, everyone around me, and all future generations.

Mondays are always a difficult day to work because you would have to do the work of both weekend and the new week, So God, I ask that you give us a positive attitude all day long so we will be thankful for everything we do get done.

My prayer this Monday is that when others are going around with their jobs, when others are being thankful for all that they have done, Oh lord, may we not be found wanting.

Oh, dear God! We are prepared to begin a new week now that it is Monday once more. We ask God to make today the best day of our life. May this day be filled with all the blessings you have for us, at home and at work.

It’s undeniable that I’ve had fruitful weeks in the past because I consistently give the day and the week to the Lord. And so, here I am on Monday once more, pleading with the Lord to give me the grace to begin it with a positive attitude and that each of my chores is completed with excellence.

Good morning, It’s Monday. Now that the day is here, I feel refreshed and re-energized. I ask the Lord to help us live lives that will glorify and honor him. Amen, in the sanctified name of Jesus.

Monday Prayer Before Work

On this new day of this new week, I ask the lord that May we have the courage and motivation to start and end this week in the most successful fashion. Amen. We thank you for all your blessings to come.

Dear lord this Monday, I come to you to let you know that I can’t do this alone and I am asking that as I would get to work today that you would be my instructor, You would plant your foot so I can follow your footstep. Thank you for answering my prayers.

Dear Lord, My prayer for this Monday is that I might have the strength to put one foot in front of the other and walk a straight line with you. Come and be my guide and comforter in this new week I pray, AMEN!

Father in heaven, On this Monday morning, I pray that I may be present in this place and these people, understanding where I am needed most.

Help me lord Jesus, on this Monday, That I might show up for my work with a quiet mind and open heart, that I might be calm in the storm. And at the end of this day, all glory will be for you! AMEN!

Here is come another Monday to be busy with work and all, Holy Spirit I pray that you Grant me the patience not to take me too seriously in all this busyness, this is just one day of my life after all.

As I look to get so busy on this Monday sweet holy spirit, I beckon that you please don’t let me miss anything because I was too busy. Amen.

You have only one life to live so please do not think of yourself as a boss but as an employee who needs to contribute more. Be positive, look on the bright side, and stay enthusiastic. I wish you all the best!

Conclusion on Prayer for Monday Morning at Work

We have come to the end of this collection of prayers for the work week ahead. I hope you found all you were looking for on this page. If you found it useful, please leave a comment and share it with others. Cheers!