Best Monday Morning Prayer for Old and New Customers or Clients


More Customers and customer retention are the prayer point of every business owner.

Monday Prayer for Customers – Whether you are trying to gain more customers or retain the ones you have, It is ideal to always show appreciation to all of your customers by always reaching out to them with a thank you message for customers or sending a prayer to them.

By doing this, you can forge a connection between you and your clients and encourage them to think of you whenever they need to purchase one of your goods.

On a day like Monday, you should make good use of it to say a prayer to God for customers to come and also make prayers for the existing ones so they can be blessed and have a fruitful week ahead.

If you are thinking of how to come up with the best new week Monday blessings for customers, Worry no more.

This page is a collection of Monday morning prayers for my customers that you can use as a framework to say a wonderful prayer for your customers or clients on a Monday.

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Benefits of a Monday Prayer to Your Customers.

Many advantages come with sending a happy new week blessing to your customers/clients in the strong belief that they would be blessed for the first day of the new week. Nonetheless, some of the advantages of doing so include:

  • Apologizing and accepting responsibility for any mistakes that you have made in the past.
  • Restoring customers’ faith in their business.
  • Increased loyalty from your customer base.
  • Increases the chances of an online review coming up as four or five stars.
  • Increases chances of getting back lost customers.

Monday Morning Prayer for Customers

To my Dear customers, On this Monday I would like to pray for you and hope that whatever you are going through would never get the better of you instead you will turn it around and get back to a better phase.

Not a day passes by that I do not put you my customers into God’s care, but today I will be saying a Monday prayer for you specifically in hope that God will see you through your troubles and bless you.

It is no fluke that your purchase from us and constant patronizing of us is the only reason we have not gone bankrupt yet. My wonderful customer, I pray that the lord will multiply whatever you have spent on us in 1 million folds. Happy Monday.

Whatever you might be going through, I pray that the lord will fight your battle for you and smite every enemy that wants to rise against you. In Jesus’ AMEN!

To my always buying customers, There would not have been this company without you guys today, So I pray that May God bless you and keep you in His care always. Have an amazing Monday.

My dear customer, I hear what you are going through right now, Today I am sending my petition unto God that he will be your GOD and walk with you through these trying times in Christ’s name I pray!

Your support is without a doubt what has brought me this far in life and in business, Today being Monday, I pray that the lord will send you destiny helper in Jesus’s name. AMEN!

You have been the reason why my business has seen this much growth in the past few years months weeks, So this Monday I am sending you my prayers that the lord will bless you in all ramifications. AMEN!

Monday Prayer for My Customers

Monday Prayer for Customers
Monday Prayer for Customers

As you always find a way to patronize our business my sweet customer I pray that the lord will also pay attention to everything that concerns you and rain down his blessings upon your life. Happy Monday my customer.

My amazing customer, because you always find a way of putting a smile on my face by purchasing goods from me, I Pray that on this Monday heaven will also cause you to smile and put a sweet song in your mouth.

It is no doubt that you are every business owner’s prayer point. On this Monday, As I say thank you for being a great person, I also pray that the lord will bless you in no small way. Good morning have a blessed Monday ahead.

The way you buy goods from me always leaves me with joy and I am aware that you spend a lot buying from me, Therefore on this morning of Monday, I pray that the lord will replenish you in hundred folds. AMEN!

My sweet customer, I feel so sorry For all the troubles you are going through right now and I pray that the Lord will intervene for you and cause your troubles to be over.

My customer, I heard all that happen and I am wholly sorry to hear about it. I understand this is a tough time for you at the moment and you would need the power of God to get over this, Therefore I ask the lord to fight for you so that you will hold your peace.

To all my customer who always ensures to purchase from me even when my product seems to be the most expensive of all the ones available to you. this Monday I pray that the lord will bless y’all mighty and bless your money source. AMEN

It is true that no one is perfect and (we are / me I’m) not an exception, Therefore I ask that on this Monday in any way we have come short please find a place to forgive us.

New Week Prayer for Customers

To our customers out there going through the hard times, we want to let you know that God sees your struggles and on this new day of a new week, the lord will wipe away every atom of sorrow from your life. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

We wouldn’t have been who we are today if not for customers like you who have taken it upon themself to ensure that we become this big, On this Monday we say thank you and pray that the lord’s blessings will be upon y’all.

To all of my customers, On this new day of a new week, I pray that whatever you lay your hands upon shall continue to flourish even beyond your imaginations, AMEN!

Not even a misunderstanding can bring a divide between me and you. I am grateful to God for bringing such a customer as you my way. My prayers are with you this new week!

To our customers who have always found a way to buy from us, May the Lord watch over you while you sleep. May He give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways? May your Monday be blessed in every manner!

As a business, we are forever grateful for the way you have supported us in our growth journey. we would like to express our sincere thanks for all you’ve done by saying “Thank You” and also pray that the lord will reward you heavily.

My customer, I hear all that you are going through at the moment I just want to ask you to be fine and trust in God to do a miracle in your life. I pray your Monday and the rest of the week will be miraculous. AMEN!

If I had a better way to say “THANK YOU” for all that you have done for me and how you have contributed to the growth of my business, I sincerely would have opted for it, but since prayer is the best of it, This Monday morning I say an AMEN to all your secret prayers.

New Week Prayer for New Clients

You have never failed to always refer other customers to us, you always find a way to support us by sending other buyers down to us, therefore today I solicit with God that he will bless you in no small way. AMEN!

To our dearest customer, On this Monday morning, we want to appreciate you for being patient with us and always sending us feedback when necessary, and assisting us in any way possible. I pray the lord will honor all of your prayers.

On this Monday the Lord will bless you my customer And I hope that you will come to see me once again. Make sure to have a happy Monday today and a gracious week in general.

It is no surprise that through you God has kept us in business. Because you constantly buy from us even when there are other qualities and cheap alternatives means we still have not filed for bankruptcy. God bless you, Happy Monday!

Just like we have always told you, All that you do means the world to us and our business, We are really grateful for how much you care about our success as an organization. I pray for God’s blessing on you. Happy Monday my customer.

I will never forget how much your purchase from us has always helped us, Therefore I send you this good morning Monday prayer in hope that all you do will result in Good. Thank you again and God Bless!

Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing our product. We hope that you enjoyed it. May God continue to bless you and keep you in His care always.

You are truly a GODSENT. You have been with us through thick and thin, you have seen us go through the ups and downs of business, and yet you still stuck to us. My customer, I say may the lord stand by you as you have done for us. AMEN. good morning, happy Monday.

Happy New Week Prayer to Bring More Customers

Oh lord, on this Monday morning, I pray that you bring to my store customers that will price and buy. I pray that you bring me the best of the best customers that will enable me to make sales.

Lord here is a new week once again, Firstly I want to thank you for all of the sales and new customers you brought to me last week. Today being another new week I ask that you bring me more customers so I can sell my products. AMEN!

It is written In your words that we shall not lack because you will provide all of our needs through Christ Jesus, Therefore I use this Monday as a point of contact to ask for your provision of more customers to buy my goods. AMEN!

Whatever Is kept in your care will never become bad or go sour, therefore lord here is a reminder that my business is in your hands and I ask that you preserve it by bringing me more customers. In Jesus’ name AMEN!

It’s Monday again, The beginning of a new week, which means a start to a new thing both in my life and in my business. Dear lord of Host I ask that you bring me, customers, from every part of the earth today in Jesus’ name.

To my customers, On this sweet Monday morning, I pray that the lord of host will guard your steps, and lead you in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Thanks for always trusting our products!

Thank you so much customer for being a wonderful human to my company, I really do appreciate your support and hope this Monday will be a day filled with blessings and God’s favor.

I give thanks to God for giving me such a wonderful customer as you. Doing business with you is the best thing that could ever happen to every business owner. I want to use this medium this Monday to say thank you.

Conclusion On New Week Prayer for Clients

We have come to the end of this collection of Monday blessings for customers and clients. I hope you found all you were looking for on this page. If you found it useful, please leave a comment and share it with others. Cheers!