Warming Happy Birthday Prayer for My Adorable Daughter Who Is Turning 2

It’s her second 365 days and 24th months of being your little angel, this means your baby girl (daughter) will be celebrating her birthday!

As a Christian parent who wants nothing but the best for her daughter now and in the future to come, Amidst the whole celebration, It’s ideal to bless your daughter with a birthday prayer for 2 year old baby girl on her special day.

Coming up with prayers for your dear little princess should be a thing too easy to do, but on an emotion-filled day like this, it’s normal to seek help. and if that’s why you are here, you have come to the right place.

For you, we’ve put together this collection of 2nd birthday prayer for baby girl that you can use as a guide to pray for your little daughter on her second birthday celebration coupled with a birthday gift for her.

Birthday Prayer for My 2 Year Old Daughter
Warming Happy Birthday Prayer for My Adorable Daughter Who Is Turning 2

Birthday Prayer for My 2 Year Old Daughter

My little angel, as you celebrate this new age, I wish God will bless your new year of life! May He keep you safe and healthy and fill your days with joy! Wishing you a very special 1st birthday, full of love and laughter!

Dear sweet daughter, I raise my petition to the Lord that he will bless you on your special day and grant you many years of life and health. May you be surrounded by bliss and grow to be a strong and thoughtful person. Happy 2nd birthday!

Heavenly Father, On the second birthday of our loving daughter, we ask that you help her to learn to love and serve others, always seeking Your will and always be a light in the darkness, and a beacon of hope for all who know her.

Happy birthday to my adorable little baby, who just turned 2! I pray that you will always trust your small heart to make the right decisions and that God will lead you through all of life’s decisions! I hope your day is filled with bliss.

Lord, we join our faith as the parents of this wonderful girl who is two today and ask that where others go and find difficulty to get what they want may our little girl always go there and get it with ease.

It’s your 2nd Birthday, my darling daughter! As you grow and explore the world, I hope that you always remember the power of being a strong, beautiful young woman. May you use your femininity to spread kindness and joy to those around you. Wishing you a day full of laughter and love!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our little princess! We pray that as you grow up, you will be a woman of virtue and integrity, full of kindness and grace. Wishing you a lifetime of blessings on this special day!

Dear little girl, as you celebrate your second birthday, I pray to the Lord to give you a desire for learning and the joy of seeking knowledge. and may you never forget that learning is a lifetime endeavor. Have a wonderful day, darling.

Birthday Prayer for 2 Years Old Girl

Heavenly Father, Today on my little princess’s 2nd birthday, I pray that as she grows up, May she always be excited by the opportunities that education can provide and never stop seeking knowledge. Cheers to your new-age baby!

Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter who is turning 2! As you turn two today, I Wish that you will always be blessed with enthusiasm, and a brave spirit to reach for the stars and accomplish great things. Enjoy your special day!

Happy 2nd Birthday daughter! We pray that as you grow in the Lord, He will continue to bless you with a strong and personal relationship with Him. May He bless you with wisdom as you make your way through life. mom and dad love you!

Dear Lord, this might only be her second birthday, but as the parent we already hand the future of our little baby girl unto your hands care, asking that you protect her as she grows and develops her into a person that makes good decisions at all times. AMEN!

Welcome to your 2nd year my darling daughter! Today you turn two and you are the star of the show. May you always have the confidence to be the star of your own show, and may you never forget that you are special and loved. Cheers baby!

Dear cute daughter, Happy 2nd Birthday! On your remarkable day, I wish you to always live with humility. May your life be filled with blessings causing you to always show kindness and compassion to those around you. Love you baby!

Happy 2nd birthday to my lovely girl! From this day, through to your last day on earth, I decree to the lord that you’ll always be the best at whatever you do! Have a TWOderful, mom and dad love you little baby!

Almighty God, on this day of our daughter’s 24-month birthday celebration, we ask that You would give us, as her parents, wisdom in raising our daughter and helping her grow into the person You have created her to be. Help us to lead her that honors You. AMEN!

Birthday Prayer for 2 Year Old Daughter

We wish our adorable daughter a happy birthday! I pray that you will always find guidance and good fortune in all your endeavors today. I hope today is TWOderful and that you have many more to come!

Happy 2 year old lil sweetheart! In God’s name, I decree that you shall grow up to be an amazing person who loves herself both inside and out. Best wishes from mom and dad!

To my little baby girl, I pray for your academics that you shall be a good student who will be used to setting an example for the rest of the pupils. Have a blessed birthday celebration, my pretty little diva!

Heavenly Father, I pray to thee this day on behalf of my new 2 year old daughter asking that you will help her to grow into the person You have called her to be and that you’ll guide her in a way that pleases you. new age blessings to her!

Its so refreshing to see you grow so much already dear daughter who is 2 years old today, I ask the lord that he will bestow on you the gift to be the best student amongst others and always pay total attention to classroom teachings.

Life may be a tough place to be, but for you my dear daughter, through God’s holy name the story shall be different love, you, baby girl. Happy second birthday to you dear.

Since you came into our lives, we have been filled with love and you have brought warmth that has lit up our souls, therefore on this day of your 24th month birthday, I ask the heavenly lord to uplift you beyond the problems of this world. AMEN!

In all that you do my little angel, my prayer for you is that you shall never know sorrow, you shall not experience tragedy shall not be a thing, from today until the end of your life only Gods, bliss, and mercies shall be your portion.

Blessing Birthday Prayer for Two Years Old Girl

Hello little baby girl, it’s your second birthday hence I decree and declare that whatever weapon the enemies shall fashion against you shall never by any means prosper and the lord will cause every tongue that rises against you to be condemned.

Heavenly father, it’s my dear baby girl’s 2nd birthday, I ask that you keep her long enough to reap the fruits of her labor. May she never suffer loss all through her lifetime. AMEN!

My dear daughter, Godspeed to you as you honor the day of your 2nd year on earth. My wish for you is that in all you do today and forever heaven will always honor it and you shall always soar like an eagle. Have a great day baby.

Wishing you a glorious day on your 2nd birthday my daughter, I hope that the lord will give you a heart filled with humor so you can enjoy life in the best possible way. Enjoy your day!

Life can be cruel at times, people would hurt you always and make you feel bad at all times, but today on your special day of your 2 year old birthday celebration I ask the lord to bestow on you a forgiving soirit that lets Godo easy.

Happy birthday, sweetheart! You are a wonderful daughter, and I am so proud of all the things you have learned in your two years of life. I hope you always remember to follow the process. Have a great day, little Queen!

Dear daughter, In life learning, never ends, therefore I pray that the spirit to always stay curious and excited to learn more as you continue to grow will be instilled in you. Wishing you a blessed birthday and many more to come!

Happy Birthday to my cute 2 year old daughter! As you grow up, I hope you remember to always follow the rules and protocol. Be kind and respectful to everyone around you, and may you be a light in the world! Cheers, baby!

Birthday Prayer for My Daughter Turning 2

My sweet daughter! As you turn two today, I wish you a life full of finding a way to explore your curiosities and discover your passions. May you find the bravery to take risks, the patience to listen, and the resilience to keep going and sustain your soul. Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our darling daughter! We are so excited to watch you develop through the months. Let’s enjoy the journey together as you discover the joys of life. May you always find joy in playing the long game, and always remember that We love you and are always here to support you along the way!

Dear daughter, As you enter your second year of life, I wish you the mindset to play the long-term game. May you always remember that hard work and dedication will bring you far and that each day is a chance to take one more step toward success. Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday to my darling daughter! I hope that as you grow up, you develop into a strong and independent woman. May you always be hardworking and driven to achieve your dreams. Best wishes from mom.

My child We are incredibly proud of the remarkable 2-year-old you have grown into. We are eager to watch you continue to have fun and explore because you have progressed so much. I wish you many chances to develop, learn, and take in the wonders of the world in the years to come.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter! May you grow up to be a strong, independent woman with the courage to follow your dreams. I am so excited to watch you grow and discover all the wonderful things you can do. Love You!!!

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! May your 2nd birthday be a time when you embrace life with a cheerful spirit and develop the patience and mindset to play the long-term game. Wishing you all the best on your special day!

Happy 2 year old Birthday to my amazing daughter! On this day, I wish you the boldness to embrace your inner strength and recognize your feminine power. May you continue to grow in confidence and discover the joy of being a strong and powerful young woman.


There we have it, a superb collection of birthday prayers for my 2 years old daughter that you can choose from as a loving parent and use it as a guide to pray for your daughter on her 2nd birthday in hopes that she has a blissful day!

Please if you found this very useful, do well to leave us a comment of encouragement, and don’t forget to share it with other parents who might need to wish their 2 year old baby girl a happy birthday.

Godspeed to your two-year-old girl’s age!


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