Happy Birthday Blessings and Prayers for My 4 Year Old Daughter

It’s your little princess 4th birthday today and I can tell it must have been an amazing ride witnessing her 1st birthday, second birthday, and 3rd birthday celebration.

As she celebrates her 4th birthday today, It’s ideal to take your time as the parent to shower her with birthday prayers that will set her on the right path for the next 365 days and the future to come.

However, with so much to do and so many emotions at play on such a special day, Coming up with a birthday prayer for 4 years old girl can be challenging.

We say, Don’t worry about doing that, Leave it to us to craft a heartfelt birthday prayer for your little girl’s big 4th celebration that will add even more bliss to this already wonderful day.

For you, We have put together this collection of birthday prayer for 4 year old daughter, in which you can choose from and use as a guide to praying for your little angel on her 4th birthday.

Don’t forget to include a 4-year-old birthday gift for girl to go with it!

Birthday Prayer for My 4 Year Old Daughter
Happy Birthday Blessings and Prayers for My 4 Year Old Daughter

Birthday Prayer for My 4 Year Old Daughter

Happy 4th Birthday to my beautiful daughter! On this wonderful day, I wish for you to always find joy in the small things in life. May your day be filled with sunshine and your future be filled with amazing moments. All our love girl!

Heavenly Father, On this momentous day, I thank You for the blessing of my daughter’s 4th birthday. I am so thankful for her life and for the delight she has brought to my life. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. AMEN!

To my cute daughter, as you celebrate this day, May the Lord bless you and love fill you with delight and bring you closer to Him. May your birthday be a special one, and your future be full of endless possibilities. Happy 4th birthday, my darling!

Happy 4th birthday to our sweet daughter! As you continue to grow, we wish for you to be compassionate, loving, and kind-hearted. We look forward to seeing you reach greater heights and fulfilling your dreams. Happy birthday!

Oh Lord, my father, On my daughter’s new age, I decree that you bestow on her the bravery and boldness to chase her dreams and never be afraid to take risks. May she continue to grow in the strength of character and faith and always stay true to her representation. Love from momma!

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My dear daughter on your 4th birthday and As you grow, I pray that your life be filled with plenty of special moments and you always remember that your positive attitude and outlook on life will be the key to your success. Have a glorious celebration, little girl!

Life in itself can be cruel sometimes and challenging at other times, Hence I pray for you today my daughter that May you face life’s challenges with an open heart, and never forget that you are capable of great things. Happy 4th birthday dear!

Dear Lord, as my little princess celebrates her day, I dearly want to thank You for the many years of love and laughter that she has brought to our family. I ask that you cause her to continue thriving in all she does, in the years to come. Amen.

Birthday Blessing for 4 Year Old Daughter

Happy 4th Birthday my baby girl! On this day of your celebration, I pray that you are always surrounded by people who treasure and support you, who will encourage you to dream big, reach high and never give up. Wishing you a blessed year filled with happiness!

My precious daughter, it’s your 4th birthday, and I do hope that this is the year you continue to be curious and eager to learn new things. May you take joy in the journey of discovery and be filled with awe at the wonders of the world. Love from mom and dad!

On this special day, we thank You God for the blessing of my cute daughter. We ask that You fill her life with all the goodness that You have to offer. Grant her strength and courage to face any challenge that comes her way. AMEN!

Wishing you a very happy 4th birthday, my darling daughter! May this year bring you the grace that ensures your enthusiasm for learning never cease, and may you develop an undying love for education that will last a lifetime. cheers!

Happy 4 years old celebration to you, my daughter! May this special day bring you the tools and motivation to achieve your dreams and become the best version of yourself. May Christ our Lord always be with you and bless you with His grace, and protection.  Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

God the Father, Even though I have a lot to ask you on behalf of my 4-year-old daughter, allow me start by praying that she will always be guided by her curiosity and desire to learn new things as she matures. I hope she never loses interest in learning. AMEN!

Happy 4th Birthday, my precious daughter! As you embark on this next year of your life, I want you to know that I believe in you and all that you can do. Wishing you all the love, laughter, and joy in the world!

Dear daughter, I pray your 4th birthday will present you with a wonderful time of growth and learning. I ask the lord that He will bless you with the wisdom to understand the importance of money and how to manage it responsibly.

Birthday Prayer for 4 Years Old Girl

Almighty God, Today being my daughter’s 4th birthday, I ask that you give her wisdom and discernment to make wise decisions and stay on the right path. May she always be surrounded by Your love, peace, and joy.

As you enter your fourth year, I wish that you develop an undying love for learning and education. May your curiosity and thirst for knowledge keep growing leading you to explore exciting things at all times. Happy 4th birthday, my darling daughter!

Happy 4th birthday my little princess, From this day onwards, May you be determined to make wise financial decisions and to always seek ways to increase your financial stability. May your fourth year be the start of a journey of financial freedom and success. AMEN!

Heavenly lord, I have come before you and on my knees on the 4th birthday of my daughter asking that may she be endowed with a positive outlook on her health and well-being, so that she may have to live a sickness-free life. AMEN!

It’s our little girl’s 4-year-old celebration, Lord we come to you with the request that You grant her all the desires of her heart and bless her with a long, healthy, prosperous life and the special gifts of bliss. Let the radiance of Your light shine upon her and guide her each and every day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

My daughter, I am wishing you a wonderful 4th birthday! May you always be brave, yet thoughtful in all your relationships. May you show respect to those around you, approach each relationship with an open heart and find delight in the connections you make with others.

Dear Lord, My daughter’s birthday is today and I am here in hopes that you will give her the strength to approach any challenge that comes her way with determination, I also ask that this year be full of growth and opportunity. AMEN!

Happy birthday my dearest daughter! As you celebrate this day, My wish for you is that as you grow, you’ll develop the courage, and resilience to overcome any challenge that comes your way. May this fourth year of your life be filled with cheerful moments!

4th Birthday Prayer to My Daughter

Happy 4th birthday to my gorgeous baby angel! May you be blessed with health, energy, and vitality to make the most of each and every day of your life. I hope you never forget how loved and cherished you are! Enjoy your day!

Heavenly Father, as we commemorate this day you have made, I ask that You make her a partaker of Your glory and that she will always be filled with the peace of heart that comes from knowing You. AMEN! Cheers to your 4th bday!

Happy 4th birthday, sweet baby girl! Because life is a tough place to be, I pray you are blessed with the ability to find humor in life, even in the toughest of times. May your beautiful laughter fill your life with light and remind you to never take life too seriously. Have a wonderful birthday!

On your 4th birthday baby girl, I pray for you to grow and be a partaker of God’s glory and a reflection of His light and the beauty of His creation. May your life overflow with His love and kindness as you walk in His ways. Have a wonderful day dear child!

God the father, I pray for my little girl on the day of her birthday asking that her life will be filled with Your bliss. Through you, May she bring light to those around her and be a beacon of hope and positivity in her world. AMEN!

My lovely daughter, Cheers to four years old! I wish you a lifetime of curiosity, finding beauty in all that life has to offer, both great and tiny. May you continually discover methods to make yourself and the people around you happy. Enjoy each and every one of your special days!

Happy Birthday to our child! You bring so much joy to our lives, and you are a shining example of what it means to be kind and generous. May you continue to bring light and hope to those less fortunate than you. AMEN!

Dear daughter, Happy 4th Birthday! Today marks your fourth year of life, and it’s a special day filled with love and joy. We pray that God is the center of your life and may you learn to love Him genuinely and always experience His tender loving care in all that you do. AMEN!


As promised earlier, we have adhered to our words by providing you with this collection of “Birthday Prayer for My 4 Year Old Daughter”, that you can choose from and use as a prayer compass to pray for your daughter on her 4th birthday

We hope that this 4th Birthday Prayer to My Daughter was all that you had anticipated, IF so, please drop us a comment, and don’t forget to share with other parents who might want to pray for their daughter on her lovely day!

Cheers, and Godspeed to your girls’ new age!