Blessed New Week Monday Business Prayer For Sales and New Customers

Monday Business Prayer – Praying for your business is an easy and simple way to ensure that your business is protected from any type of bad luck. A Monday prayer for business ensures that you are on the right path and will lead all the way.

People who have a Monday prayer for their businesses usually have good luck with their businesses. This is because they have handed the business over to God, Which will also make them have more belief in their business.

In other words, praying for your business has many benefits and does not take too much time either!

Coming up with a prayer for your business or that of others on a Monday morning is a quite straightforward thing to do, But in a case where you will need a guide to make things happen, you have come to the right page.

This article is a collection of Monday business prayers that you can use as a guide to pray for your business or that of friends, lovers, and others, In hope that they would have a wonderful business in this new week.

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Monday Business Prayer

I have one request from you this Monday morning, Lord, please provide me with opportunities to strengthen my company’s reputation by offering great customer service.

In your word, you said “You will continue to bless the work of my hands” Lord this is another Monday and I have one prayer which is that you bless my works (business) in Jesus’ name.

Mondays are always a difficult day of the week as they are filled with challenges to deal with, But lord I ask that you make it easy for me and bless my business with customers. AMEN!

Today lord, I come before you with my petition that you helo my business so I can make more money from it and have growth that will bring glory unto your name.

This Monday, Oh lord, I am asking that you help me develop new ideas that will help me move my business forward and beyond human comprehension.

Whatever weapon formed against my business on this Monday morning and the new week, Lord, I pray that they shall never come to pass. AMEN!

Lord, I have tried, but I have come to the realization that I can’t do this alone, On this Monday I am asking that you reveal to me where my business is having shortcomings. I thank you for you will do them.

Heavenly Father, I pray that you bless my business. Please bring me customer so that there will be sales recorded in this new week starting from this Monday.

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Monday Morning Prayer for Business

Monday Business Prayer
Monday Business Prayer

One area in which I lack so much in my business is the area of customer service, So I am begging you lord that starting this Monday you should help me to have a better customer relationship. AMEN!

Lord, I can’t do this alone, That Is why I am seeking your presence this Monday morning, I hope that you will hear me out and bless my business in no small way.

Dear Jesus, I am asking this Monday morning that you Guide me today so that I can show appreciation and gratitude to all my customers, making them feel appreciated and valued.

More than being a boss/business owner, Lord I want you to bless me with a wonderful relationship between me and my employees, I want to be the best person they can always talk to and not fear.

Here is another Monday oh lord, Please bless my business beyond my imagination so that your name will be lifted high and above the world. Please hear my prayers this Monday. AMEN!

Lord, I pray that you, Bless the soul of my business, Bless all that I will do in the business this week, Bless all of the decisions I would carry out in regard to the business, Bless all of the money that will come in through this business. AMEN!

Father in heaven, Not a day passes by that I do not pray for this business, but today is Monday, oh lord I am praying specifically that you will bless my business in all ramifications.

Dear God, I ask that in this new week, you should bless my business with new opportunities. opportunities that will move my business from its current state to a state where you desire it to be.

New Week Prayer for Business

Almighty God, On this Monday, I pray that you use my business as a source for messenger and use it as an opportunity to share the message with others.

Here is a new day and a new week, Lord God, I pray for your protection for my business, I ask that you shield it from the eyes of my enemy and create a blockade against their wicked plans. AMEN!

As I go about my business today, Lord, I pray for wisdom in my decisions and actions. I ask that every decision I make today regarding my business will align with your will.

I pray for the grace to accept that I am not perfect, Hence I ask that whatever I will do in regard to my business today will be inspired by the holy spirit. AMEN!

On this Monday, Oh lord, I sustain the grace from you to please help me to get more customers for my business and make sure that my products are always available.

Praise be to God who is the Creator of all things and my business inclusive. Amidst all of the challenges, I only want to thank you for giving me understanding and the power of choice and action.

Lord I come against every enemy who is always threatening me and my business, I pray that your mighty hands of wrath come upon them, and may they be smitten.

In this new week, God I pray that may your strength shield my business from harm and all of the tribulations of this life. May my business be a source of glory to you in Jesus’ name. AMEN.

New Week Business Prayer for Friend and Family

To my dear friend who is going through some hard times in his/her business, I pray that the lord will bless your business beyond words and human imagination. Have a blessed new week.

Heavenly Father, to my family who has been struggling with sales, I pray that You intervene in their business and show why You are the lord of Lords.

Dear lord, I pray to you this Monday on behalf of my customer, I pray that you shower my friend’s business with your divine blessings of sale. so that by the end of the week, your name will be exalted.

God, please hear the prayers of my family member who needs you in her business so that she can have more reach and sales conversion. In this new week please bless her with customers. AMEN!

Jesus please bless my friend’s business, Bless her business with all that she is ever asking of you, lord. Make her business blossom. Thank you, Lord, for I believe my prayers are answered.

To my brother who would be heading to his business office this Monday morning, Lord I ask that credit alert overload and sales unlimited shall be his portion in Jesus’ name.

Lord on behalf of my best friend, I acknowledge that he/she can do nothing without you, therefore I ask that you come and sanctify her business today with your precious blood. AMEN!

Since it is Monday, Lord, I am pleading with you for assistance so that my family members can approach this new week as a new chance to get a fresh start in my business.

Business Blessing on Monday for My Love

My sweetheart, I see your struggles, and I see how hard you try to make things work in your business, On this Monday I just want to bring it to you that God sees all of this too and I have asked that he bless you. AMEN!

As you go about my business, darling, I am praying for you that the lord will uplift your business and cause it to grow in all manners. In Jesus’ name. AMEN!

The word of God says “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” My lover, I want to let you know that If you believe that you will build a thriving business in your heart, the lord will be behind it and you will.

Today I pray to God who has the ability to make wealth and add no sorrow that he will bless you and add no sorrow. Have a blessed business in this new week.

I pray to the Lord that he would guide you in using all of your talents and particular skills in your business so that they can enhance your company’s growth by hundreds of folds. AMEN!

Dear sweetheart, I pray that the lord will give you the grace not to conform to the pattern of this world and help you become innovative whilst unlocking your creativity in business, AMEN!

In your word in Exodus, you said that if I serve you “you will bless my bread and my water” I am here today oh lord, standing for my business so that you can honor your word in the soul of my business.

Conclusion On New Week Prayer for My Business

We have come to the end of this collection of Monday prayers for family and friends Business. I hope you found all you were looking for on this page. If you found it useful, please leave a comment and share it with others. Cheers!